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Should you be lost, and without food and shelter, have no worry, a generous citizen of Lugansk will take you into his home, feed you and cloth you. The kindness emanating from this city knows no bounds. Many tourists end up staying here, amazed by the wonders around them. Those who leave do so profoundly changed.

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Lugansk is an open and airy city of about half a million located in Ukraine’s northeaster part. The Lugansk sights reflect the city’s history, culture and arts. This highly developed city is located in the eastern part of Ukraine. The city became popular due to the iron foundry and has evolved as an Industrial capital of Ukraine. Read on to find out about the must see sights in Lugansk.



Lugansk is filled with historical sites and monuments. There are several Cathedrals spread across Lugansk. The most impressive amongst the lot is the St Peters Cathedral. It is located in the district of Stone Ford. Built in the 19th century, this Cathedral survived the trails and tribulation during the Soviet era. It was later converted into a theater. It has been fully restored and has an alluring architecture.


Chernobyl Memorial

If you are in Lugansk, then a visit to the Chernobyl Memorial is a must. This memorial was built in the memory of all those who lost their lives due to the horrific Nuclear reactor tragedy in the year 1986. This memorial is located in the Red Square. The Red Square imitates the original one in Moscow. The Memorial describes the tragedy that took several lives. The Chernobyl Memorial attracts people from all over Europe.


Mergeleva Ridge

Explore the archaeological wonder located close to Lugansk. Make the 30 kilometer long trip to the Mergeleva Ridge from Lugansk. This is an archaeological site that is said to have been discovered by a group of students, who were out on an archaeological expedition. A burial site from the Copper age was discovered here. You can also view the ruins of temples belonging to that era. This site is said to be built during 4000 B.C.


Heroes Square

The Heroes Square is another interesting area in Lugansk. The Heroes Square is a way of honoring the soldiers who lost their lives in the Patriotic War. This Square has several life sized monuments that depict the war and the stories that go with it. The names of the soldiers are inscribed on the main monuments. The Obelisk dedicated to the heroes is one of the key features here. The Heroes Square is located on Sovetskaya Street.



The Gorky Library is a must see sight in Lugansk. This library is one of a kind in the whole of Ukraine. The library started off with 2502 books but today boasts of way over 1 Million books. The building housing the library itself is a great sight to look at. The huge columns and the white facade have an extremely royal appearance. It is located at the center of the Sovetskaya Street.


Eating out in Lugansk:

Texas Saloon

The Texas Saloon provides tourists and locals with the taste of a steakhouse. The restaurant is set to look like a saloon in Texas and has all of the best steaks and appetizers you can find. If you want to see a traditional steakhouse in the city, you can visit the Texas Saloon and kick back while you enjoy the country western theme and the large portions of food that you get with every meal.


Irish Café Bar

This bar and café is located in the center of town and is close to the markets in the square. There are two halls to enjoy and choose for eating and drinks. You can also enjoy your drinks and dinners outside during the summer months and have a lot of English menu items. This is one of the great Lugansk restaurants to visit.


Pinta: Beer Restaurant

The Beer Restaurant is named for the different beers available to enjoy with any of the dishes. Taste the different kinds of beer served on tap and try some of the favorites paired with a signature item on the menu. This is a fun place to enjoy unique tastes and explore the local favorites of the Ukraine.


Jungles Downtown

The Jungles Downtown restaurant is lavishly decorated and unique. You can enjoy any of the smaller dining rooms available and enjoy the jungle theme throughout the restaurant. You can enjoy the music and theme while trying out some of the best and local drinks and cuisine. The theme is well done and gives you plenty of entertainment while you enjoy your dinner.


Czech Wine Shop

The Czech Wine shop is located in the Babylon Bowling Club. The décor is similar to a German beer garden, yet it is a full restaurant that serves traditional meals from the Czech area. There are a lot of items available, and they also have music to enjoy with your drinks and dinner. This is one of the Lugansk restaurants to explore while you are in the city.


Lugansk Nightlife will win you over. Lugansk is a city filled with young people and the city comes alive at night. This is a highly sought after party zone in Ukraine.

There are  lots of beautiful young Ukraine girls who save the situation. You see them any place you go! All of them are dressed like models, high heels, make up and so on. There are always more girls than men at any club in Lugansk, at least 2-3 times more and it's easy to meet one there. Most of the nightclubs allow free entrance for girls on certain days of week. There are no nightclubs in the center; all of them are outside of downtown, so you will have to take a taxi to get there, no more than 15 minutes drive one way. All taxi drivers know where to go and the price for a trip is $3-$5.


Best bars and clubs in Lugansk:

Lavazza (café)

Saxar (party bar)

Chervona square (restaurant)

Silver (restaurant)

De Fleur (restaurant)

Kazbek (restaurant)

Dacha (restaurant)

Gagarin (nightclub)

Pharaon (nightclub)

Bierhoff (pub, restaurant)


Even though it does not have the draw of the capital, Lugansk is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Ukraine. You will find the girls of Lugansk have a laid back, take things as they come mentality. Dating girls from Lugansk is a good choice for men who enjoy simple yet intelligent and hot women. 

Women in Lugansk are the most beautiful in the whole Ukraine, because of the big blood mix in 19-18 centuries. Women from Lugansk have the natural beauty. They know how to present themselves, they have a great sense of style. It's rare to find a girl from Lugansk not wearing high heels. You will be surprised when you come to this small ukrainian city to see so many gorgeous ladies outside.