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Sydney is the capital city of Australia. Also known as the Harbor City, Sydney has a very respectable reputation as the oldest and most populated region in all of Oceania. Apart from its rich historical and cultural background, Sydney has a very high standard of living that makes it a top contender on the list of The Most Livable Cities on Earth. For a traveller, Sydney is a dream come true. It is home to a mix of diverse cultures, ethnicities and religions that give an average tourist exposure to centuries old traditions and customs. At night, this coastal city comes to life at the numerous beaches, nightclubs, and the many other natural and man-made attractions present here.

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Getting to Sydney!


The best way to reach Sydney internationally is by plane. The Sydney Kingsforth International Airport is busy all year round with international and national flights coming and leaving several times a day. All major airlines make a stop at the Sydney airport coming from all continents of the world.


If you are coming from other cities of Australia, like Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide, getting to Sydney by sea or by land is also a great option. Cruise and speed ferries service night and day, carrying passengers to and from Sydney. The Circular Quay and Barangaroo Wharf have particularly been developed to receive passengers all year round.


If you want to enjoy the countryside views of Australia, you can also hop on a train or a bus for an overnight journey to Sydney. With some of the most spectacular views outside your window, you wouldn’t regret travelling by road one bit.



Accommodations in Sydney


Sydney has a very high cost of living owing to the fast paced economic development and growth in the city. For this reason, you may find five-star and four-star hotels to be quite expensive. If that is the case, it is highly suggested that you book a small motel room or a hostel bed for yourself if your core interest is to explore the city and meet exciting new people.


Nonetheless, there are hundreds of accommodation options all over Sydney. The most expensive and luxurious ones, like the Darlinghurst Studios, are found in the Rocks District with amazing harbor front views. These are walking distance from famous restaurants and attractions of the city. Midrange hotels are also located just about everywhere, especially in areas of Northern Sydney, Inner West and North Shore.


If instead you want to live modestly and tend to yourself, booking a serviced apartment, like the Meriton Serviced Apartment, is also a great option. These apartments have all the basic amenities in the kitchen and bathrooms, making for an easy and independent stay. Budget accommodations are mostly found in districts of Haymarket, Glebe, Kings Cross and the Eastern Suburbs.



Enjoy Shopping in Sydney!


As a tourist, you will find several occasions and excuses to shop in Sydney! Needless to say, malls and street shops are crowded with women from Sydney, all of whom are likely to be shopping their hearts out. Hence, these places also give a good chance for a foreigner to mingle with the local girls.


Some of the most popular shopping sites are:


  • The Queen Victoria building in the City Centre

  • Pittstreet Mall, a pedestrian mall in the City Centre

  • Oxford Street in East Sydney

  • Queen Street in East Sydney

  • Warringah Mall on the Northern Beaches

  • Kings Street Newtown in Inner West


All these malls and shopping districts have a variety of stores under one roof. From souvenirs and local handicraft to the most expensive international brands, just about every kind of purchase is available. Make sure to keep a watch on how much you spend because shopping can be expensive if you visit an upscale mall in the center of the city.



The Sights of Sydney!


Sydney is one of those cities of the world that can never be boring. The place is full of attractions and tourist spots that beg to be explored. Apart from the many places that you should visit in order to meet eligible women, historical and cultural landmarks are also in abundance. Some of the most famous ones are:


Landmarks and Churches


  • The Sydney Harbor Bridge

  • The Sydney Opera House

  • Sydney Tower

  • St. Mary’s Cathedral

  • Anzac War Memorial

  • Luna Park

  • Darling Harbor

  • Royal Botanical Gardens

  • The Rocks

  • Parramatta

  • La Perouse



Museums and Galleries


  • Museum of Sydney

  • Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Australian National Maritime Museum

  • Art Gallery of NSW

  • Powerhouse Museum

  • Australian Museum



Wildlife and Zoo


  • Sydney Wildlife World

  • Taronga Zoo

  • Sydney aquarium

  • Koala Park Sanctuary

  • Australian Reptile Park



Places To Meet Women of Sydney


There have been very extensive and detailed surveys regarding the male to female ratio in Sydney. As a result of these, social pundits believe that the gender balance in the city is quite skewed because of a “man drought.” As women graduate from small schools in the suburbs of Australia, they pack their bags and head out to the big cities in search of better opportunities, leaving the men behind to tend to farms and agriculture.


Hence, if you take this survey seriously, finding smart and gorgeous women in Sydney should be no problem at all! There are numerous places to engage with the female crowd, share interests, and show what a caring and sensitive man you are.


Perhaps the best and the easiest way to meet Australian girls in Sydney is to head out to the beach on a sunny Saturday. Some famous beaches are the Bondi, Manly, Coogee, Cronulla and Wattamolla. There are many lively activities going on at these beaches including, surfing, sailing, swimming, fishing and canoeing. Make sure to sign up for at least one of these to interact and engage with the adventurous young beauties.


Apart from this, you can also spend a day on a trail along one of Sydney’s bushlands and green reserves. Seeing some of the most exquisite countryside sceneries and coming across historical landmarks and architecture is the highlights of walking trails. Some famous ones include Bradleys Head, The Colony Walk and Across The Harbor Bridge. These trails are usually explored and enjoyed by groups of friends heading out for a fun weekend.


Sydney is also a famous spot for annual festivals. There is a long list of food, music, cultural, historical and sports events and festivals taking place every month. Mark your calendar during your visit to make sure you attend as many as possible. Again, this is a great way to meet and mingle with pretty women from Sydney.



Music, Food and Culture!


Nightlife, restaurants and cafes are another highlighting feature of the lively city. No matter which district you are in, you will find a bite to eat just about everywhere. Just like any other cosmopolitan city, Sydney is home to lavish restaurants, budget dine-out places, and street food stalls as well.


For a special date night, you can pick from a variety of expensive five-star restaurants that will cost you around $500, or you can go casual and experience the food street stalls all along Darling Harbor. Thanks to the multicultural nature of the city, tourists can easily choose between a palate of tastes and cuisines like Indian, Thai, Chinese, Continental and Mediterranean. The same has also given the city a strong café culture, which is now an essential part of every Sydneysider’s life.


The Rocks and The City Center are famous for high rated restaurants while the areas between Victoria Street and Crown Street are dotted with funky cafes, bars and pubs that offer a good dose of nightlife and are an excellent place to meet single women from Sydney.



The Stunning Women of Sydney, Australia


If you are a traveler looking for a beautiful young woman in Sydney, you have come to the right place. Male social coaches and romantic experts in the country rate Sydney is the best city to meet women and build relationships. This especially goes true for foreign men because, unlike the local women, surveys reveal that Australian men are not too social or romantically inclined.


Hence, an average girl in Sydney is usually on the look out for romantic and caring young men who would prove to be great partners in life. Successful, single women in Sydney are well educated and work for a living. Their standards of dating and relationships are quite high, which is why many keep looking for the perfect partner before getting into something serious.


Strong headed, committed and open-minded are the words to describe single females from this city. Being a traveller with interesting insights, exposure and some great stories to tell, charm your way into the heart of a beautiful young girl during your visit to the delightful city. From an eligible guy, gorgeous girls from Sydney expect excellent education, stable income, care, attention, and a truck-load of romance, which seems to be in short supply with the locals due to very busy and hectic lives.