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Queensland does not only live up to its fabulous reputation; it surpasses it by far. With sunny skies and warm breezes, the entire environment is comfortable and enjoyable. This means that the many tourist spots are always available to cater to tourists and their partners, while the nightlife is just as exciting. The culture overflows with positivity, realism and cordiality, while the society itself is welcoming to all. The women of Australia are natural beauties; it’s hard to work out whether it is the sightseeing or the females that will catch your eye! Australia, with its meeting spots and reputable etiquette, will never disappoint.

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Queensland, Australia, comprises of a stellar collection of manmade and naturally-occurring wonders put together in a synergetic balance of Mother Nature and the contemporary world. All year round, the climate is pleasant and sunny. The natural habitat of Queensland is interspersed with wild rainforests in their true glory and natural splendour, sprawling palm-fringed beaches of the Gold Coast and Noosa, and the Outback Queensland with its distinctive camel races, national parks, and rotary rodeos.



Tourist Spots and Meeting Points


Some of the tourist spots and excellent meeting points in Queensland include the Surfers Paradise, the Moreton Island, and Noosa. It is common to enjoy a bike ride through the city of Botanic Gardens. Queensland is the sort of place where you will find yourself constantly waltzing through the impressive vestiges of nature and countryside. The Brisbane River, in its imposing beauty, is best enjoyed on its world-famous cruise. Famous sights of the Brisbane River Cruise include spotting the pelicans. Queensland is quite literally the pinnacle of natural adventure. There is so much to see and so many unforgettable sights to drink in; the options are dizzying. Queensland is undoubtedly well-equipped with stunning, natural wildlife, habitat and scenic escapades.



Great Barrier Reef and the Gold Coast


The Great Barrier Reef, consisting of a staggering 3000 coral and reef islands, alone form a safe harbour to over 1000 marine creatures and fish. The iconic Australian Leatherback turtles are bred on the beaches of Queensland. Spreading over an impressive area of over 7000 kilometres, the beaches of Queensland are remarkable in their own right. The beaches of the Great Barrier Reef are famous for their crystal-clear water beaches adorned with palm fringe, in contrast to the Gold Coast and its surf breaks. Tucked away, down south, away from the bustling city, the beaches of the Whitsundays include an array of exclusive sanctuaries in the form of luxurious, sheltered beaches.


Queensland has such a variety of vacation spots which makes it almost impossible to choose and there is just so much to see and do; one might themselves at a loss of wits. The Gold Coast is famous for its world Heritage listed rainforest, including its rainforest delicacies which include the coveted glow-worm colony, and the Mount Tamborine. Aside from this, the Gold Coast is spectacularly famous for its themed recreational activities which include some of the most amazing, thrilling rides at Dreamworld, and being enticed by the fascinating dolphin and lion shows.



Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast and Noosa


Noosa, the Sunshine Coast and the Fraser Coast all have their own particular attractions, which attract tourists from all over the world all year round. Some of the noteworthy tourist spots and meeting points include the luxurious Hamilton Islands and the deluxe parties on Daydream Islands, the Noosa National Park, and the Glasshouse Mountains, a series of 11 hills rising from plains of Sunshine Coast, and the Bunya Mountains of the Fraser Coast.



Festivals in Queensland, Australia


The wide array of festivals is divided according to the regions of the Queensland state; the Toowoomba and the Golden West include a series of fascinating events like the Chincilla Melon Festival, Goomeri Pumpkin Festival, and Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, which are held every year in September. In addition to this, Australian festivals celebrating Australia’s heritage and culture include the Australian Heritage Festival, the classic and the traditional Food and Wine Trail of South Burnett – complete with green-capped hills and magnificent vineyards, producing some of the best, world-famous wines procured from flawless Australian grapes.



Australian Culture and Etiquette


Australians are extremely modest and down-to-earth and the last thing that they want is to appear self-important or pretentious. They are extremely conscious about not giving off a superior vibe to anyone; therefore, they are extremely humble in their mannerisms.


Australians are honest, loud and extremely sociable and friendly. They do not invest too much time, appreciating themselves but rather give more attention to their relationships and friendships by appearing more interested in what the other person has to say. Australians are fiercely loyal in their humble relationships and trust people who are similar in their interpersonal dealings.


Australians are extremely affable people who do not waste too much time in stiff introductions and small talk. They do not place unnecessary precedence over formal greetings or goodbyes. They are extremely casual and hassle-free in their social circles; even at the first meeting, Australians quickly adapt to first-name basis. Australia’s generally comfortable national charm goes a long way; in restaurants and cabs, tipping is not expected and it is generally an uncommon concept. Quite naturally, then, one must not expect an onslaught of fawning service in hotels and restaurants because the Australians do not believe in wasting time in pretentious flattery or fuss.



Nightlife in Queensland


Nightlife and entertainment in Queensland is also equally enthralling as the scores of natural adventures. Some of the best, top-rated bars include Super Whatnot, which is famous for its multifarious music that invariably includes the world-famous genres of techno, pop and trance, and boutique collection of Australia’s best beers and fascinating variety of funky cocktails, punctuated by an American-style snack bar.



Top-Notch Australian Bars of Queensland


Another exclusive, sought-after bar is Salt House, situated right beside the Cairn’s yacht club. Live acoustic music is played while some of the best; most amazing cocktails are served along with some of the tastiest Australian cuisine.


If you want to let loose, Family is the best bar in Queensland. In contrast to the name, Family is Brisbane’s most dynamic dance bar in the region, with multi-levels of dance floors, bars, and thematic booths – all made enjoyable by an impeccable, impressive sound system. Other thematic bars include the Fringe Bar, a dash of the 70s glamour dramatized with live music performances and DJ’s playing cult music all through the night.


The Cloudland is, quite simply, unbelievable. Originally known as Luna Land, is a huge, rambling multi-levels nightclub which gives the impression of an enchanted, cloud timberland complete with a rooftop garden, and a cellar bar. Other noteworthy meeting points for socialising include the Sky Room, La Ruche, Belgian Beer Café and Lock and Load.



The Beautiful Women of Queensland, Australia


Socialising with women from Queensland, is more about being open, direct and charming. Winking is considered rude, so it is a definite no-no. It is also considered rude to comment on accents, because it depicts different social classes. Once meeting a woman from Australia, you should proceed to shake hands; however, you should allow them to offer their hand first. Australian women pay close attention to how much respect they are receiving. This is in relevance to how they will expect you to understand and respect their multicultural ethics.



Socialising with Women from Australia


Since Australia is a sprawling country with several races and cultures, one should, at all times, avoid making insensitive remarks about certain cultural values or traditions, or making politically flawed remarks. Australian women give great importance to fair-minded and respectable men and once a pretty woman from Queensland is sure of your impeccable social skills and your respect for various cultural diversities, you can be rest assured that your new found acquaintance will soon transform into a great relationship.


Aside from this, any beautiful, headstrong woman from Australia will be inclined towards sports. Quite like the Australian men, women from Australia also enjoy their fair share of sports and exhibit a great affinity for various games and follow them avidly, for example, cricket, tennis, soccer, swimming, and even horse racing.


Queensland is a very popular destination for people from the following countries:
The United States, Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan


The Do’s and Don’ts of Mingling with Australian Women


Like most women, from all over the world, women from Australia demand and expect respect from their male counterparts. If you want a beautiful, single woman from Queensland to take show you even the mildest form of interest, you must ensure her that she has your respect. This does not imply, however, that Australian women are not fun; they admire a great sense of humour and enjoy a good laugh. Making an Australian girl laugh is a sure-fire way to get her to like you and to be interested in what you have to say.



The Beautiful, Independent Australian Women


Australian girls, owing to the natural habitat of Australia and the increasingly natural environment, which keeps them constantly rooted and grounded, are anything but frail women and they manage their own chores quite well without the need to depend on their male friends to do their bidding, like, holding their shopping bags or changing flat tires. Strong-headed, beautiful women from Australia are, in the truest sense, go-getters who get the job done without waiting on others to do it for them. Australian women are daring and adventurous, and always ready to go an extra mile to have fun. They are easy to talk to, as long as you keep the respect and the manners in check. Beautiful, independent women from Australia are, more often than not, honest and courageous and look for similar qualities in men.