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When you are planning to visit the largest, the most diverse and the liveliest city of Brazil, you should definitely think about a lot of things before hitting the streets. One of the core things to keep in mind is to make a lot of Brazilian friends, as socialising should not be restricted to one region or a country. Therefore, we offer you a guide to the richest city of Brazil so that you can pack your bags and head out for an amazing experience. Reaching Sao Paulo today is easy as you can use an aeroplane or a bus as the mode of transport. By booking a hotel, you will complete half of your job. The other half contains exotic nightlife, diverse restaurants and cuisines, and some marvellous places to visit. Being single allows you to hang out with new people from the location you are visiting. Nightclubs, cafes and the famous Sao Paulo festivals are the major places where you can indulge yourself into making new friends and maybe even plan ahead. Make sure you visit the shopping regions of the city as you would definitely not want to miss out on for buying souvenirs and fashion items from Brazil.

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As the largest city present in the country, Sao Paulo, Brazil holds a total population of about 31 million. It is the capital city of the state Sao Paulo, situated in the southeastern part of the country. The city is like a beehive of commotion that offers a cheerful nightlife and a strong cultural understanding. Sao Paulo is known as the richest city in the lower hemisphere, even though there is a clear difference between the various classes of people. The historical architectures of this city attract immigrants as well as Brazilians from different states. Therefore, it is known as one of the most distinct cities in the world.


Often called “Sampa,” Sao Paulo is among the most under-rated cities regarding tourism. This is mainly because it is overshadowed by other Brazilian cities, such as Salvador or Rio de Janeiro. However, having its own eccentricities, exquisite life of the inhabitants and the excellent restaurants having a diverse variety of traditional and international food makes this city very interesting to explore. If you are thinking about making a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil to see a loved one or to tour the place, this will be the perfect guide for you while you are on your way.


Here are some reasons why you should be travelling to such an attractive place:



Getting In


If you are planning to visit this beautiful city from another part of the world, you can easily book a flight to Sao Paulo as it has two international and one domestic airport. Be sure to convert your currency before you leave so that you are not later caught in any trouble. If you are coming from another country, you will most probably land at the Guarulhos International Airport, which is located 40 km from the Sao Paulo centre. The airport hosts numerous international airlines; therefore, visiting this city would not be a problem.


If you are planning to visit from South America, then you are in luck as Sao Paulo, Brazil connects most of the countries of South America by its bus service. The Tiete metro station is the second-largest bus terminal in the world and is situated in the city. The terminal connects Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and even Paraguay. Two other major terminals are also present and all of them offer a peaceful ride to the city in the shortest possible time.



A Place to Stay


Sao Paulo has a number of hotels with wide price ranges for you to choose from. However, if you want to make this trip worthwhile, do not forget that you must search for the top hotels of this city. To cater the various tastes and requirements of the numerous visitors, it is important to have several choices of hotels.


The Emiliano is said to be among the top most hotels in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Clean rooms, friendly staff, and a convenient location containing a spa guarantees a tension-free time for the visitors. The top quality of food is the main attraction of the place and should surely be tried once. Double bed rooms are offered at suitable price ranges, which you can easily avail for your family or loved ones.


Sofitel Sao Paulo Ibirapuera is an exceptional work of art. Guests enjoy a five-star experience with top quality gourmet meals. Spa, fitness centre and a heated pool are just few of its features. The considerable price range offers a treat for the tourists who come from abroad.


Fasano Hotel treats you with a delightful hospitality during your visit to this great city. Among its biggest attractions include a limousine that could come to pick you up from the airport. If you request, then a limousine can also become your major means of transport while exploring the city. The classic architectural design of this European-styled hotel reminds people of luxury and romance.



Go For Shopping


You can find almost anything in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although imported goods can be of high quality and expensive as well, export quality goods and other Brazilian-made products are something that would catch your attention the most. You must remember that small shops usually open all week, except on Sundays, from 10 in the morning to six in the afternoon, whereas shopping malls operate on the same days for around 10 to 12 hours a day.


If you are residing near Avenida Ipiranga or Downtown, then you are the closest to what is called “the central shopping area.” This crowded place offers a wide range of bargains, and is the most famous commercial area of the city.


Sao Paulo has many great shopping places, such as Rua Teodoro Sampaio in the west, which is famous for musical instrument and furniture. Bras Neighbourhood in the Southeast is famous for wholesale clothes and garments. If you are searching for electronics, then head to Downtown towards Rua Santa Ifigenia.



Visit Places


Being the largest city of the country, Sao Paulo, Brazil has a lot to serve regarding its tourist attractions. These attractions are visited by several tourists and if you are a single person, then chances are that you may find the person you are looking for over there.


Here are some of the places that you should visit:


Ibirapuera Park offers a pleasant retreat for those who start feeling claustrophobic in the giant maze of the Sao Paulo city. Situated in the south central area near downtown, the two kilometre-square area of the park was designed by the famous Roberto B. Marx. The park contains famous buildings that are too beautiful to be missed. Visit the art museum, auditorium, gymnasium, planetarium and various other places while you are taking a stroll in the park.


Sao Paulo Museum of Art is the headquarters for architectural marvels and all the art lovers. If you are searching for a person who likes art, this will be a great place to begin your search. Visited by many, the museum consists of hundreds of glass panels and has the best collection of European art in all of the Southern Hemisphere.


Apart from the annual carnival, which embraces the whole of Brazil, Sao Paulo is the home to many other major festivals which single people should definitely visit to search for the ones they can love. Sao Paulo Fashion week takes place in March and October and you can definitely expect a huge crowd to show up to experience the exotic display of fashion clothing. The International Film Festival is also held in October where movie stars arrive and so huge crowds are attracted here as well. Sao Paulo Art Biennial festival is another event that you can attend with your family and loved ones. It takes place from September to December and each day is full of joy and fun.



Eat, Socialize and Have Fun


Sao Paulo Brazil is the home to a magnificent range of cuisines and restaurants. The eateries here offer dishes from literally all around the globe. With price range as wide as the variety of the restaurants, there is just no end to what Sao Paulo can offer. The D.O.M is among the top 50 restaurants in the world while the Habib’s offer Arab-Brazilian food. “Virado a Paulista” is a dish which you should definitely feast upon during the trip. It consists of rice, beans, pork chops, sausages, fried eggs, and fried bananas. This is a typical dish in the state of Sao Paulo and quite famous it is as well.


When malls and shops are closed, clubs start to open and the nightlife begins. The diverse and rich nightlife of the city offers music from samba-rock to electro-pop. The nightlife can be from cheap to really expensive, depending on the clubs. The most expensive clubs can even go beyond than charging $250 for entrance. Moema, Barra Funda, Vila Madalena are some places to check out for a bright nightlife.


However, nightlife means that you get to have plenty of socializing. For a guy to attract a girl means that they may need to learn Portuguese. People do not speak English fluently and stick to their native language. A person must know how to dance as the Brazilian nightlife majorly consists of dancing out in the night.


Brazilian women are attracted to people who are confident, aggressive and are prepared to make the most of the situation. You must be dressed well enough to impress and if a person is staring at you in a typical Sao Paulo club, then the person is attracted to you. This is among the most basic tips to start socialising while you are in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


In the end, you will get to have the time of your life by visiting this great city. Follow the abovementioned guide to make the most out of your trip.