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If you wish to spend the vacation of a lifetime with an extra touch of romanticism, Santorini is the perfect place. This volcanic island of the Aegean is a premier holiday destination and you won’t be able to get enough of its picture perfect beauty. In Santorini you can stroll around quaint villages watching the mesmerizing sunset, visit amazing archaeological sites, relax at volcanic beaches with great beach bars and spend exciting nights out in top-class dancing clubs

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A thousand sunsets, a thousand memories, a thousand heartbeats, colours of blue red & gold streaking the sky ... this is Santorini island ... Poets have written about it, artists attempt to capture its beauty. Nothing can quite describe ... the unsurpassed magic of Santorini.


The ideal place to spend your vacation that combines entertainment, relaxation and adventure. Santorini is unlike any other Greek Island. It has a magnificent mystic aura and characteristics that are stunning and unique. Santorini (otherwise known as Thira) belongs to the Cyclades cluster and is situated 128 nautical miles from Piraeus Port. The island is 73 sq. km in area and has approximately 13,500 inhabitants.


Santorini Island considered one of the finest holiday spots in the world, is most famous for its Caldera - which is the opening created by the Santorini volcano -, its breathtaking sunset view and its beaches, which have unique colors due to the volcanic properties of the sand. Santorini's rocky cliffs and landscape are almost primitive and wild, adding even more to its mystery.


A 4.000 year old history and the eternal rock continues to stand, strong and majestic, rising proudly from the sea and guarding well the secrets of Atlantis.


Nightlife in Santorini


Santorini has a vivid nightlife, which is mostly concentrated in Fira. The town square of Fira is the main gathering spot on the island, from where people usually begin and often end their nights. Your night out can start in the evening with a cocktail on the caldera watching the sunset, or at the beach after a day by the sea and continue with clubbing in one of the big clubs. Fira is not the only village with a nightlife although it probably has the richest. There are clubs and bars in other villages, especially at beaches, such as Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa. Santorini's nightlife is not very cheap so do not be surprised if you are asked to pay between €7 and €10 for a drink. It is not rare to receive invitations for parties or theme-nights which are often organized by the clubs themselves. Do not hesitate to take advantage of them and it is sure that you will enjoy yourself. Suggested places for your entertainment.


If you want to meet Greek girls then it's truly recommend that you do this when you go out. The following is a list of some bars and clubs we propose to you; however they are a small selection since it is certain that you will find many other places as you get to know the island.


    Koo Club, Fira (+30)2286022025

    Enigma Clun, Fira (+30)2286022466

    Doom Club, Kamari (+30)2286033420

    Franco's Bar, Fira (+30)2286022881

    Casablanca Soul, Fira (+30)6977575191

    Club 33, Fira (+30)2286023065

    Hook Bar, Kamari (+30)2286033441

    Chilli Beach Bar, Perivolos (+30)2286082790

    Mojito Cafe, Karterados (+30)2286023567

    Oia's Cafe Gallery, Ia (+30)2286071504

    Yazz Beach Bar, Perissa (+30)2286081235


The Typical Greek Girl


Also like the Greek men, they too are covered in thick dark hair, hence why their chosen career path is most likely a beautician or a hairdresser; it's not their fault, they need to control all that hair! They can talk all day about their hair and nails and will apply so much hairspray to their wild manes they could be strong contenders for the number one cause for ozone layer damage. They apply mountains of makeup as they are masters in beauty - but is it worth applying it all just to go to the gym? I suppose it doesn't matter as they don't usually work out anyway; they like to just pose and eye up the man candy (although they never admit it!).


On a night out, it's easy to spot a typical Greek girl as they most likely have a big head of hair and are wearing very revealing clothing. Well, they spent all that time waxing their legs they want to show them off! It's a shame they don't cover up a bit though as watching them shivering in the winter time outside the bar/club just to get their cigarette fix is quite amusing!


To come in contact with the typical greek women you could visit another place then just only Santorine, visit for example the beautiful place Rhodes. The women from Rhodes are very different then the ladies from this place. Its word a shot, isn't it


Most Greek girls have excellent rhythm though and can dance really well; the favourite move being the typical hip wiggles and wrist twisting! Having said all this, there are some really sensible Greek girls out there too of course (not that typical Greek girls aren't nice!), but you don't see them.