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One of the main attractions of travelling is experiencing different food and drinks. Minsk is popular for its beer. If you are a beer fan then you must visit palmary Minsk caf├ęs and bars who offer their guests special beer made pro-rata to olden times. One of the top pubs that brew their own beer is Rakovsky Brover. They brew four different kinds of beers and on special occasions like Christmas they brew specials beer like Dark Beer.

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Enjoy Minsk to its fullest!


Travelling is a wonderful experience and it is said that everyone should explore different parts of the world. Travelling is an exciting way to learn about different cultures, people, traditions and customs. One can expand the boundaries of knowledge just by travelling to various places. What you can learn through travelling, you might not learn from any other way. Travelling is all about excitement and believing that anything can happen and thus you should never miss out on travelling. If you are a workaholic or a person in need of a break then you should consider travelling to Minsk.


Minsk was mainly built by the Soviets after the city was brought down during World War II. The city is full of remaining of its bloody history. But nevertheless, it also contains amazing places wrapped in history, religion and charm. The Minsk is far from memorials of war and for your relief will serve to be a spectacular journey.


Belarus is a beautiful country, even better than Bolivia and city of Minsk is its capital and provides the tourists more of a multinational and sophisticated flair to life than many other cities. Here you will find some amazing places to explore, fine dining and some of the hottest nightclubs and bars. Minsk can serve to be your safe and enthralling heaven if you are a tourist. The community in Minsk is generous and if you connect with residents then definitely you will have the time of your life. Some of the places that you must not miss while on a visit to Minsk are. . .


The Trinity Suburb


Also known as Troitskoe Prdemestye was built as a way of remembrance to a settlement stretching back to 12th century. It is known as Old Town among the tourist and is one of the major tourist destinations. The name has come from anticipated feel, ambiance and the look of the place. One of the many reasons of visiting this town is its bars, cafés and restaurant that serve the best of local produce you have never experienced.




When in Minsk you must plan a day trip to visit this open air museum located at the south of Minsk. Once there you can get a glimpse of Belarusian country life dating back to 19th century. Windmills, working farms, farm houses will behold your sight. If you are into art and crafts then this is the perfect place to witness traditional Belarusian art and craft. You can climb to a windmill or do horseback riding. Thus there is so much to do in Dudutki and the time spent there will cheer you to the fullest. And after you are tired of doing various activities, end your day trip with a delicious traditional meal. The food you will find at local restaurants is just amazing and you will get to experience traditional flavors of Minsk.


Nesvizh Palace


If you are into architecture then you must visit Nesvich Palace while in Minsk. It is located 120 kilometers south-west to Minsk and contains a mixture of many architectural styles. The surrounding estate and the castle were owned by the powerful Radiziwil family. The castle was acquired by the family in 16th century but it was taken away from them when they were driven out by the Russian army in 1770. The castle gained its noble artwork from Russians but it went through intense renovation later on when it was restored by the Radiziwil family. Red Army, in 1939 expelled the family and the castle was taken away from them yet again. The castle now stands as a national property and is popular among tourist. It is beautiful and breathtaking in both historical and architectural way.


As the castle was built and re-built many times, it is now hopscotch of designs and styles and does not adhere to a particular design. Renaissance, Classism, Baroque, Rococo juggling with Neo-gothic and modernism is all visible in different parts of the castle. The landscape garden covering the castle is another point to notice. These gardens were started by Ridziwil and are now taken care by palace authorities. You must spare some time to visit Farny Polish Roman Catholic Church and Benedictine Monastery in this town.


Lee Harvey Oswald Residence


Do not forget to visit the former residence of Lee Harvey while you are in Minsk as this is the most famous former residence and one that is hard to miss. It is located just across Svislach River on the west bank. The reason why it is so popular is that this place is where the assassin of US president John F Kennedy spent his early 20s after associating with USSR.


Narachansky National Park


Minsk has a lot to offer to its tourist and Narachansky National Park is one of them. It came into being in 1999 and falls in the region of Minsk. The main reason of its popularity is the well-stocked lakes present there. Most of the country’s pine is also there. It is also a great spot for fishing. Other than that it has 18 recuperation centers and sanatoria to offer.


For beer lovers


One of the main attractions of travelling is experiencing different food and drinks. Minsk is popular for its beer. If you are a beer fan then you must visit palmary Minsk cafés and bars who offer their guests special beer made pro-rata to olden times. One of the top pubs that brew their own beer is Rakovsky Brover. They brew four different kinds of beers and on special occasions like Christmas they brew specials beer like Dark Beer.


One of the most famous kinds of beer is Biver. It is the most widespread beer from craft brewers. This beer has been popular for a long time and comes in three different kinds: light, unfiltered and dark unfiltered beer. You can find this special beer in many restaurants of Minsk like: "Pivnoy Priboy" pub, Starye Tradicii restaurant, "Staroe Ruslo" pub restaurant, Pinta restaurant, Stary Gorod restaurant, "Staraya Melnitsa" bar.


The Nightlife!


It is hard not to experience the nightlife of a different place that you are visiting. Luckily there are a lot of amazing pubs and clubs to attend in Minsk. Nightclubs are mostly open until five in the morning; however pubs are closed a bit earlier. Casinos are open round the clock twenty four hours. Prices vary from place to place and like it is mentioned earlier Minsk is famous for its beer so you will also find some great beer to drink while enjoying these nightclubs. Weekdays are a bit cheaper then weekends for night clubs, pubs and bars. Striptease is common in Minsk whether tourist like it or not. Some great clubs to visit in Minsk are. . .


West World Club


Since nightlife is incomplete without beautiful girls, you will get perfect chance to meet girls in Minsk if you visit West World Club. It is one of the most happening clubs of Minsk and the biggest one too. This clubs attends to more than 1000 visitors which include beautiful girls as well. The theme of the club caters to both casino and disco lovers. For dining they serve both European and Belarusian meals. You will find some beautiful girls dancing around to the exciting music and you can enjoy with them and ask them out on a date. If you have already met a girl in Minsk then you must take her out to West World Club as they are always up for dancing and enthralling experiences.




This is also one of the popular night clubs in Minsk. It is located next to the Palace of the Republic. Prices are affordable for beer and you will also find Strong beer there. In order to meet girls in Minsk one must visit Alcatraz club as this is a hub for beautiful women.


0,5 u Ratushi (Noll-Pjat u Ratushi)


This is a nice restaurant/pub located at the very centre of Minsk. Since it is very nice it is hard to get a place right away in the restaurant. So it is recommended that you book a table in advance. Music is played quite loudly and the food served there is extremely delicious. You can meet girls in Minsk by visiting nice places like this or take your date there to enjoy the very best of Minsk.




If you are a fan of events and concerts then you must visit Reaktor which is one of the large night clubs of Minsk. They are always organizing an event or a concert so you should plan a visit to Reaktor as well.


Rakovsky Brovar


This restaurant brews very nice beer and is spacious and cozy. If you are a beer fan then you have to visit Rakovsky Brovar. It is a bit hard to find so look for its location in advance so that you don’t get lost while getting there. Like any other place Minsk is a complete package and it will be hard to miss out on it. You might also like places such as Chile and Hong Kong.