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Krakow is one, the best tourist attractions in Europe. Most tourists enamored by magical atmosphere and the beautiful architecture of this city. In Krakow, you can see the medieval cathedral, castle Renaissance, Baroque churches, Art Nouveau theater and other monuments. Although the old city with various monuments and museums, the city of Krakow is also the city that has been in contact with the modern lifestyle. There are a variety of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants are always crowded with tourists.

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If you are wondering what to do in Krakow, you should firstly understand that Krakow is adorned with a treasure trove of tourist attractions and  is by far the city of most cultural interest in Poland largely because of its remarkable history. The historic centre of Krakow, or old town, is a UNESCO world heritage site which is decorated by beautiful medieval architecture surrounding the largest market square in Europe. The old town area was not seriously damaged during the Second World War and, as a result, no other Polish city can offer such a wealth of Gothic and Renaissance monuments and churches or such a rich collection of artworks.


Krakow's tourist attractions are not just limited to the old town and you will most likely want to visit other nearby UNESCO world heritage sites, such as the Auschwitz concentration camp - now a memorial museum and the Wieliczka Salt mines which can easily be arranged by organise tour.


With a choice of hundreds of tourist attractions, it is difficult to prioritise what to do in Krakow, however, there are a number of must see attractions which we recommend to be added to your 'to do ' list while visiting Krakow.


 Essential Krakow's writers have built a list of 'must see in Krakow' tourist attractions that include sights and landmarks such as Wawel Castle, Mariacki Church (st Mary's Church) in addition to streets and districts, squares, museums and galleries in Krakow that should not be missed. 


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