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Germany is located in central Europe and it is very popularly known for its history, its culture and its people. Many people go to Germany because of the sights in the country. They have amazing buildings, great food and very warm and welcoming people there to greet you. The language spoken in the country is German. The people in Germany are very well educated. They are career oriented, but even so they always find some time to hang out with their friends. They are very welcoming to tourists and foreigners who visit the country. The country is full of intellectuals, philosophers and teachers who understand different concepts in different ways. They have prominent writers who have written literary marvels in their time, which is why going to libraries and museums while you are in Germany may also prove to be beneficial for you. Germany shares its borders with nine countries. Blankenese is a small village in the outskirts of Hamburg which you can visit. There is also a hotel by the name of Quirky Hotel where you can meet great people. You can also go to the game park in the outskirts of Hamburg to enjoy yourself.

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What Does Germany Have in Store for You?

The current state of the country was actually established in the year 1949, in the aftermath of the Second World War. Germans also show a very keen interest in football, which is why while you are there you can enjoy a variety of great football matches with your significant other. German women especially like to go out and watch a good football match, which is why having basic knowledge of the game is always helpful. There are many reasons why you should definitely visit Germany and all of these reasons are listed below in the article.

What Are You Bound to Find in Hamburg, Germany?

They love to play football
German Beer
They have great food and great restaurants
They have amazing buildings
German Cars
The great mountains of the country
Fairytale Castles are in abundance in the country
Diverse Landscapes
The beaches and coastal areas
The Black forest, which you can explore
German musical heritage and local music performances- It is the country that Bach and Beethoven came from
The country is always in a  state of celebration as the Germans love to celebrate everything regardless of the occasion
A variety of national parks and gardens which you can visit for your leisure
A variety of health resorts, spas and health and wellness centres in the country
The Museums and other attractions
Special attractions for car enthusiasts
You can enjoy a cruise on the river Rhine or Maine
You can enjoy film festivals there
You can also enjoy the carnival season in the country
The Oktoberfest
Incredible energy
Thrilling nightlife
A lot of beautiful sights and great activities for tourists, foreigners and natives alike 
A cosmopolitan flair
The Bachfest for music lovers
German people, especially the women

What are the many hangout places in Hamburg, Germany?

When you go to a strange country and meet strangers you will never be able to figure out where you want to hang out with them. Until and unless you have proper guidance you will easily get lost in the crowd. You will not know which way to go or which restaurant serves the best food. This can turn your entire trip into a disaster. There are many ways of making sure that your trip does not go to waste or does not turn into a complete and utter disaster.

First of all, you have to make sure you can speak German to some extent so that you are able to converse with most people in the country. The second step would be to find out which places are the best places to hang out in and why. You will see a lot of cafes, bars, restaurants, parks and gardens, but you will not be able to figure out which one is the best for a date. To impress a German woman you need to make sure you know her country well enough to take her out on a good, romantic date.

The Best Places to Get a Hot Cup of Coffee

You can go to the Die Rosteri for a peaceful cup of coffee or for a small breakfast with your significant other. The Cafe Paris is another great Cafe in the city of Hamburg. Other options are inclusive of the Cafe Bistro Smogen where you can read a good book while having a strong cup of coffee, or maybe the Cafe Schone Aussichten where you can sit down and listen to some music while energizing yourself.

You can also take a date to the Petit Cafe or Peaberries because they are intimate and cosy places where you can really get to know each other in person. Cafes are also a great place to meet beautiful single women so you can try your luck at Mercier und Camier im Literaturhaus or the Hard Rock Cafe in the city of Hamburg. These options are the best ones in the city, where you can meet women or spend some time by yourself.

The Best Places to Eat and the Best Cuisines

Finding a good restaurant to eat in a foreign city can be a little challenging, especially if you are a first time traveller. Here is a list of restaurants that you can go to with your date. The Estancia Steaks restaurant serves the best steaks in Hamburg, Germany. The Restaurant Haerlin is another amazing place that serves great food.

Von der Motte has great food and they also serve the best cakes in the city. Lokal1 has a cosy setting and amazing dishes to serve. Jacobs Restaurant is a gourmet restaurant and Twenty Six is a seasonal food restaurant where you can take your special someone. You can also go to Delta Bistro for a good steak. 

The Best Places for Running out in Nature

There are many parks and gardens that you can go to. The Planten un Blomen Park in Hamburg is a great place for a date with a special someone. You can also go to the Old Botanical Gardens in Hamburg for a good walk with your significant other. 

The Women of Hamburg, Germany and How Can I Meet Them?

Most people think that German women are very rigid. They are believed to be stereotypically strong and masculine. This is why most men who do not live in the country shy away from dating German women. These perceptions, however, are untrue. German women are not strict but they like a man who is punctual. If you wish to impress a Girl in Hamburg, Germany, you best be on time. They do not appreciate men who are sloppy and careless. This is because they like men who have their lives in order, just as they do themselves.

German women are very interested in gaining knowledge and a sound education. They are one of the most advanced women in the European continent. They are exceptionally tech savvy and find it interesting to fiddle with technology and other such things. German women will never pretend to be dumb or stupid to gain a man’s attention; instead they will be themselves and show you exactly who they are and what they want from you in return.

They are soft spoken and maintain a strong distance from people who are overly friendly with them. This is not because they are rude or arrogant it is because they do not like chatting with random strangers on the street. This is why when you like a woman in Hamburg, Germany, you will have to make an effort to get a conversation started with her. They are rather independent in nature and do not in any way like depending on their male counterparts for anything.

They are feminists who expected to be treated equally to men. This is because they are just as capable as men in the country are. They know how to fight for what is their right and for what they want. They do not like to be looked down upon in any case. This is why if you wish to impress a German woman it is best if you do not start with a sexist joke. Show her that you respect women and you are of the opinion that men and women are equal to one another. If that is not how you think, then open up your mind a little and see how far it takes you. 


Hamburg in short

It is a country that shares boundaries with at least nine different countries including Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France, Denmark and The Czech Republic. Northern Germany lies on the coasts of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The country has diverse geographical terrains, including the Black Forest which is generally found in the southwest region of the country.