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Naxos Island has some of the very best beaches in Greece. Naxos offers a wide range of activities. The island is the paradise for wind surfers and water sports. It is also one of the best islands for walking tours. The island is a wonderful place to explore on foot and walking is a major draw. Many old paths linking villages, churches, valleys and other sights still survive.

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Naxosis a Greek island, the largest island (429 km2) in the Cyclades island group in the Aegean. It was the centre of archaic Cycladic culture.

Naxos is a popular tourist destination, with several easily accessible ruins. It has a number of beaches, such as those at Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Alikos, Kastraki, Mikri Vigla, Plaka, and Agios Georgios, most of them near Chora. Naxos is the most fertile island of the Cyclades. It has a good supply of water in a region where water is usually inadequate. This has made agriculture an important economic sector with various vegetable and fruit crops as well as cattle breeding, making Naxos the most self-sufficient island in the Cyclades. Naxos is also known within Greece for its potatoes.


A spot of white in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, the island of Naxos is a unique blend of ancient ruins and beach culture. The largest of the Cycladic Islands, Naxos is the childhood home of none other than Zeus, king of the gods. Upon arrival in Naxos, hike over a causeway to Palatia, where the Portara, a stone gateway to an ancient temple that no longer exists, stands alone, the symbol of the island. At sunset, the views of the island, and the sea beyond, are breathtaking.


Popular destinations in Naxos are:

  • -Naxos city: a super romantic city where you can dine like heaven and where you always have a beautiful view no matter where you are in the city; 
  • -Agios Prokopios is a beautiful beach its one of the most beautiful beaches of Europe and the most famous of Naxos Greece. It is extending over 2 kilometres and has fine golden sand and crystalline emerald waters protected from the winds. Soft sandy dunes are scattered on the beach which is divided in two parts: one fully organised and one left to its natural beauty. Numerous accommodations and taverns are available;
  • -Agia Anna Naxos: seven kilometres from the capital, in prolongation of Agios Prokopis Beach is the beautiful beach of Agia Anna. It is the groupment of several sandy beaches, interrupted only by a small fishing port and some rocky formations;
  • -Plaka Naxos: Plaka is like a continuation of the beach of Agia Anna and is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. It is a calm and endless sandy beach with, in some parts, big flat stones and amazing crystal-clear waters;
  • -Saint George is the beach of  Naxos Town (Hora).  It is located in the so named bay and it stretches almost one kilometre to the south;
  • -Agios Prokopios: is a fine sand beach located south the headland of Stelida peninsula;
  • -Agia Anna: the next cove south is a beautiful resort with small port for the fishing boats and the yachts.


You can say that Naxos is a paradise for the ones that love beautiful beaches, sea’s and it’s the place where you definitely have a super romantic date and experience, you probably never forget the views and the clear sunsets of Naxos.



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