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Switzerland is the place of dreams with lofty white mountains, great food, great music and most of all great people! The moment you land here you will realize just how much the country has to offer and no matter what your expectations are you will not be going back home disappointed. You can spend your days being wrapped in total luxury or you can let your wild side come to the surface and experience action sports like never before. The choices are so many that you get to personalize your trip right down to the last detail and make it absolutely perfect. You can meet women in Switzerland, you can talk to singles in Switzerland and have a great time with members of the opposite sex while you are on vacation.

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If you are a huge fan of the Red Bull Crashed Ice tournament then you have all the more reason to go pay the Swiss a visit. They are known to host part of this competition, which is a series of events that are packed with chills and thrills! Swiss women especially enjoy this festival. The ice cross downhill tournament is a top winter challenge that features one of the world’s most exciting and high-adrenaline sports- ice skating. The contestants have to glide down steep and slippery slopes, maneuvering their way around sharp bends and twists, while staying ahead of other competitors in order to win the rounds, which will ultimately enable them to shine through as a finalist.

The championship, sponsored by energy drink Red Bull, brings forward the talent of some of the most amazing people and is a huge collecting point for fans of the sport. Single women come from all over to cheer on their favorites and the representatives of their countries, while many others join the events simply out of love and fascination for the sport of ice skating.

About the Red Bull Crashed Ice event

Red Bull crashed ice is a sporting event held in the winters. It is part of a larger series of events that take place under the name ‘ice cross downhill’ which is sometimes also referred to as the downhill ice cross. It is an extremely fierce competition, especially given the rather extreme nature of the sport itself.

The competition is held every year at the peak of the winter season and makes its way through several countries, much like a world tour. It draws in huge crowds each time with as many as two hundred thousand people attending it! The crowd consists of men, starting from those in their teens, all the way up to those who are in their forties. Red Bull Crashed Ice, as the name suggests, is sponsored by a company called Red Bull, which manufactures a very popular energy boosting drink by the same name.

The sport itself

The sport is quite simple and there are not too many complicated rules involved. People are supposed to race down a track made of snow and at the end, the best of the lot wins the championship and is awarded with a trophy among other things. This is different from snowboarding or skiing because the individuals who take part in this are supposed to do this while wearing ice skates.

This makes the sport a dangerous and difficult one, as it is extremely difficult to maintain your balance on skates, especially when moving at insanely fast speeds. The slopes do not make the competition any easier. They are highly challenging and present great obstacles to even the most competent participants. They can be awe-inspiringly steep with sudden and sharp bends every now and then. Sometimes there may also be huge vertical drops that contestants have to face.

Before the actual competition can begin, a round of tryouts takes place where people show their skills and try to impress the judges in order to be selected. There are several rounds before the final can take place and each of these is known as a ‘heat’. There are four people who take part in these heats and out of these, the top two go onto to the next stages of the competition. This process continues till they have their finalists. These finalists then compete against one another for the coveted final trophy and prize in a super energetic final that is watched by intensely charged crowds.

Although the competition is mostly famous within the male gender, a women’s championship is also held which allows women from various different countries to participate. A vast majority of the contestants are those who have played ice hockey professionally at some level and this why they typically dress that way as well. The outfits are edgy and sporty which give the sport an added charm.

Red Bull Crashed Ice in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the places where the Red Bull crashed ice event takes place, as it offers the ideal climatic conditions. The winters in Switzerland are cold, snows are thick, and heavy, which makes it the ideal spot for this competition to take place. Switzerland is also the ideal choice because there is already a huge fan following for the sport there and thus the organizers have a huge audience base to help them make their event a roaring success. Furthermore, all the prerequisites and infrastructure is available here as well, which makes it much easier to hold the event in Switzerland. Previously, the Red Bull Crashed Ice event has taken place in Lausanne in Switzerland where it was a huge hit.

The event is a huge tourist attraction in Switzerland and whenever it occurs, it pulls a massive crowd. People come from all nearby locations to watch it and enjoy it. People who have a real passion for the sport sometimes even schedule their vacations to align with the dates at which the event is to be held. This enables them to experience the Red Bull Crashed Ice tournament, as well as spend some quality time relaxing and exploring Switzerland.

If you are planning on catching the Red Bull Crashed Ice tournament in Switzerland then you really are in for a treat! The tournament, of course, will be one of the biggest highlights of your trip and it is something that you will be talking about forever, but you will definitely have many other things to see and do while you stay in Switzerland as well.

The Beauty of Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, as you must already know. Very few others match the scenic grandeur of Switzerland, especially during the winters when the Alps are completely snow-clad. They stand tall in front of the heavenly blue skies providing the ideal backdrop for some amazing photography.

There is a lot more to Switzerland than just its landscape. It is a paradise for all adventure lovers, as there is a wide variety of activities that they can take part in. for starters, they can choose to go trekking on one of the countless trails that are surrounded by some of the most amazing natural wonders. These trails have rankings beginning from easy to extreme, thus allowing a person to pick one that corresponds with their level of physical fitness.

They can also go snowboarding and sledging on the smooth and glistening slopes of Switzerland that have been its claim to fame for decades now. However, perhaps the most significant and popular winter sport activity that exists here is skiing. So grab those skis and try it even if you have never even been on a slope before! This is a once in a lifetime experience and you will hardly get the chance to find such well-manicured slopes anywhere else.

As an added bonus, you get to do all of this and much more, and later get to reenergize yourself with some authentic Swiss chocolate drinks and deserts!