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Alanya (pronounced [al anja]), formerly Alaiye, is a beach resort city and a component district of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, 166 kilometres (103 mi) from the city of Antalya. On the southern coast of Turkey, the district (which includes the city and its built-up area) has an area of 1,598.51 km2 and (2010 Census) 248,286 inhabitants (city 98,627).[1] The population is almost entirely of Turkish origin, but is home to around 10,000 European residents.

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Alanya the ultimate place to be! for lots of bars, drinks, beaches! and interesting people to meet!

Visual treat

Alanya is a popular seaside resort on the Turkish Riviera, east of Side. This medium-sized city’s most dominant landmark is a 250 metre-high rock. At the top of the rock is an old fortress that dates back to the 13th century and offers a visual treat, with impressive views of the sea, port, East Beach and Cleopatra Beach. Cleopatra Beach is obviously named after the seductive Egyptian queen, who bathed her feet here daily during her honeymoon. Her Roman lover Mark Antony decided afterwards to give her the beach as a gift.


Who dares?

The beach continues to attract sweethearts of all kinds, as does the famous ‘Grotto of the beloved’. The grotto extends nearly 400 metres into the mountain, has an intimate ambience and ends nearly 10 metres above sea level. Those who dare can dive into the cool waters from here…

The Pirate Cave is also worth a visit. Due to the narrow passageways in the cave, large ships were unable to enter, making the cave a popular hideout for pirates. It is relatively warm in the winter and cool in the summer here. Also make sure to check out the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites that have formed inside the cave.


Diversity of tastes

Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate. The weather is almost always agreeable, also because the surrounding Taurus Mountains block the wind. This creates pleasant conditions for both people and the environment, and has resulted in a wide variety of crops, from lemons, bananas, oranges and pineapples to guavas, papayas, dates and coffee beans. This diversity is reflected in the local cuisine, with something for every taste. So surprise your sweetheart with a trip to Alanya and follow in the footsteps of Cleopatra.

Alanya Historical Side Seeing:

Alanya Castle is obviously a landmark of the city, as it is seen basically from every point. The castle walls date back to the 13th century and are built on top of Byzantine fortifications. The walls are 6,5 km long and include 140 towers, including the most famous Red Tower. Inside the castle one can find Byzantine church, mosque, caravanserai and numerous cisterns and villas. From top of the Castle walls you'll get the best view over Alanya city, Cleopatra beach and turquoise waters. Truly breathtaking!!!


Cleopatra Beach:

There are two beaches in Alanya. This one is on the west side of the Alanya castle an it's called Cleopatra beach.

At Cleopatra beach the sand is more fine corned than on the East side. There are more waves at the Cleopatra side. The water is wonderful, warm and clean. It's actually warmer in the ocean than in the pool at the hotels. 


Party and Nightlife in Alanya:

For all the people who likes to party day and night then Alanya is the place to go to. The best party places in located in the bazar area just by the harbour area. 

There's a lot of places to choose from. We went to several different places and they were all great and open allllllllllllllll night loooooooong.


Great Clubs and Bars:

Robin hood the best place in Alanya!

Me and my sister visited Alanya in September 2012 for 10 days. I am in my late teens and my sister in her early 20's. We were very interested in the clubbing scene. One of the first main clubs we tried first was robin hood and it was amazing! Noting compared to it. It was so good that we went back every night! There's 4 floors of different music so its good to change levels every now and then. Out fave floor was the top floor with mostly dance music being played. 

This is a great club to meet people from all over the world. The staff are very friendly in here too. Drinks are average prices 18TL for a cocktail (but downstairs before going into the main club it was usually 2for1 on cocktails which was good.) A beer was usually under 10TL (maybe even less to be honest I can't really remember that much! 

Me and my sister loved Alanya so much that we are going back there this year in September again!! 

Dress Code: Any!


Bistro Bellman: Open air-discoteque:

Bistro Bellman is a big open air disco with a large bar. The bar personal is very friendly and hard working. They are always in for a good laugh. The dj plays modern music and the dancefloor is filled with lot's of partypeople...

Before it gets dark Bistro Bellman is also open for dinner. I didn't eat here myself but the menu offers Turkish, European and Latin dishes. On the two floors there are several dance floors, five bars and some terraces with sofas. 

Opening Hours: 12.00 – 03.30 

Payment: Cash and credit card 

Dress Code: There is not really a dresscode here, but most people were dressed very trendy.

Address: Iskele Cadassi No: 4, Alanya, 07400 Turkey
Phone: (0090) 242 512 19 92


Summer Garden: The best club in Alanya

I bet that summer garden is the best place for clubbers.There are two dj s.Dj cabin is located at the top of the disco.He can see the crowded and can easily arrange the music for the people reactions.The club looks like a castle.Think that u dance in a castle:)The air is so fresh.and the dance floor is very big.The barmans do their job very fast.If you come to turkey u should visit Summer Garden club.The music is on till the sun shines and in the morning u can drink is free:)) 

Dress Code: u can wear what u want.

Address: it is located in Konklý.(10 kms away from alanaya)

The party street in Alanya harbour: Partying all night long with local friends


Yeah Also McDonalds in Alanya!

There are two McDonalds in Alanya. This one is on the main street (Ataturk road)

See my other tip on McDonalds East side.
The prices are about the same as in any other big city 

Favorite Dish: Big Mac is always a Big Mac
Address: Ataturk cad. no.71


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