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Innsbruck, the 5th largest city of Austria and the capital of multi-national region of Tyrol, is home to many wonderful sights and sounds that a traveler loves. Homely yet packed with excitement, Innsbruck is visited by people from across the world all year round. The historic city has a lot of exploring to offer, from modern museums to run down centuries old churches, Innsbruck is the place to be if you love a taste of history, art and architecture. Innsbruck is one of those few cities that have managed to retain their old-school feel yet welcome the technological and modern advancements. Hence, a visitor gets to meet people from all walks of life and is exposed to some of the oldest traditions and customs prevalent in this part of the world.

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How to Reach Innsbruck

Reaching Innsbruck is easy. Since the city is strategically located amongst some of the most visited tourist attractions, it is accessible by plane, train and road.

By Plane: Innsbruck Kranebitten Airport is the largest airport in all of Tyrol. The airport receives scheduled flights from various European destinations and many seasonal flights also land here to accommodate tourist traffic.

Another alternative to reach Innsbruck is from neighboring airports like Munich, Memmingen, Salzburg, St.Gallen Altenrhein and Friedrichshafen. Once you land at these airports, cabs and trains can be caught to reach your destination in Innsbruck.

By Train: The main train station, Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof, is located east of the city center. Trains are a famous mode of transport all over the city, which is surprisingly well connected via railway lines. International trains can be taken to reach Innsbruck if you are in Munich, Venice, Zurich or Vienna.

By Road: While Innsbruck is small, it can be reached via Tyrol motorways as well. Cars, bikes and taxis are seen carrying tourists across the beautiful countryside that connects this city with other European destinations.


Since Innsbruck attracts a huge tourist population, there are many lodging options in the city. From five star to the most homely and humble motels and B&BS, you can take your pick easily. Luxurious hotels like the Austrotel Innsbruck and Hotel the PENZ stand in stark contrast with student hostels and other private accommodations that give you a closer-to-home feeling during your stay.

Shop Till you Drop

There are many modern malls in Innsbruck for a traveler to visit. You can choose which one to go to depending on their location because while some are within city limits, many others are located on the outskirts. Those within the city include: Rathaus Gallerien, Kaufhaus Tyrol and Sillpark.

Shopping malls like DEZ and Cyta are located outside the city limits.

If you want to enjoy street shopping and increase the chances of mingling with the crowd, especially Innsbruck women with an exquisite taste in shopping, the markets in the Old Town, Franziskanerplatz, Sparkassenplatz and Anichstraße will please you.

You will be surprised to discover the number of attractions that demand your attention in this small city. Being a historic town, Innsbruck has a rich heritage that is reflected in every tourist attraction. Visitors to this Austrian wonder are sure to meet new people, interact with locals and engage in delightful conversations with Innsbruck girls who love to play host.

Located far from the coast and at a high altitude, Innsbruck is an alpine city with snowy winters and cool summers. It is home to the largest Ski Resort in the Alps, definitely something to look forward to if you are interested in skiing. Crowds of friends visit ski resorts in the mountains every season, making for a wonderful opportunity to meet and mingle with girls from Innsbruck. A lighthearted, fun and jolly environment makes for the best time to ‘hook up’ with Innsbruck women and get to know them!

All ski and snowboarding resorts in Innsbruck have high safety standards because of the last Winter Olympics season hosted here. Therefore, when you visit them, be assured of safety management and enjoy a sporty day full of exciting activities. Some beginner level Ski Resorts are:

1. Nordpark/ Seegrube
2. Schlick 2000
3. Tulfes/ Glungezer
4. Kühtai
5. Rangger Köpfl

Apart from skiing resorts, there are many other attractions that you can visit and be sure to find some interesting singles from Innsbruck to engage with. Running into a beautiful local woman at a museum or palace means finding someone to share your interest in art, history and architecture.

Museums and Churches

Cathedral at Saint Jacob
Stadtturm Innsbruck (City Tower)
Anatomical Museum
Alpinist Association Museum
Stift Wilten
Tiroler Landesmuseum
Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum (Folk Art Museum)
Buildings and Palaces
Bergiselschanze (Ski Jump)
Schloss Ambras
Imperial Palace
The Golden Roof
St. Anna’s Column
Innsbruck University Botanical Gardens

While exploring these attractions, try to get hold of an English guide, even if you have to pay extra, because most official literature is either in Austrian or German. Therefore, to understand and make the most of the visit, having an English auto guide helps.

Annual Events are another interesting attraction in Innsbruck. The New Orleans Festival, Tiroler ABEND with the Gandolf Family, Air & Style Snowboard Contest and the Ski Jump Contest are some events that attract men and women of all ages and cultures. Make sure to visit the city at a time when one of these festivals is in full swing to meet Innsbruck women enjoying their city’s festivities.

Where can you Meet Women?

While the city itself is old and historic, Innsbruck houses a very young and dynamic population. It is home to two world class universities, including the University of Innsbruck, and several colleges that enroll exchange students every semester. With the influx of students comes a definite mix of culture and language that makes it easy for tourists to mingle with Innsbruck women.

Hence, university grounds make for a perfect place to run into an educated and well groomed local woman who is interested in cross cultural relationships. The 25000+ students at the university constitute a class of their own that is very attractive for the average traveler because it offers an opportunity for them to mingle with people from different ethnicities, religions and classes.

Italian students are found in increasing numbers in Innsbruck. Italian women, to be specific, have a very attractive accent and sense of humor that you may be looking for in a dating partner! Apart from Italian, Innsbruck is also an attractive city for Germans, who form the largest group of foreign residents in the city. Turkish constitute the second largest group, followed by Serbians and Croatians.

Another place for meeting girls in Innsbruck are parks. In the summer months, parks are dotted with crowds of people enjoying the afternoon sun. Female students, office workers and other single women stroll in the park with their families, friends or even on their own to enjoy the summer breeze. Some of the most visited parks include:

- Hofgarten
- Rapoldipark
- Schlosspark Ambras

On the other hand, if you are an animal lover, you can also take out the time to visit the Alpine Zoo in Innsbruck. Apart from seeing beautiful animals and endangered species, you may also mingle with people of similar interests and get to know more about the Austrian culture, likes and dislikes.

Food, Music and the Nightlife! 

Restaurants, cafes, casinos and bars dot the city from one corner to the other. Being a student town in many ways, Innsbruck has a vibrant nightlife that is one of its most attractive features from the tourism lens. Be it a splurge, mid-range or a budget restaurant or casino, excitement levels are high in each one with loud music and an environment that is perfect for mingling and making a pass on women you like.

The Zappa Music Bar, The Irish Pub, the Galway Bay Pub and Treibhaus are some places that come to life at night as opposed to the sophisticated dinner environments of Cammerlander, Wolke 7 and Mamma Mia.

Nightlife venues are also some of the most culturally diverse places where you can meet city girls as well as those belonging to humble suburban backgrounds. Hence, be free to meet new people and introduce yourself in a city with a rich mix of European beauty and culture. 

Characteristics of the Innsbruck Woman

Belonging to a city that receives crowds of tourists and foreigners all year round, Innsbruck women from the urban parts of the city are outspoken and confident. They are well educated and believe in standing on their own feet, which means, women form a sizeable majority in the working sector.

Moreover, girls from Innsbruck, especially those who have come from other European destinations, have a higher inclination to meet new people and find partners who share their love for travel, experience and living their life adventurously.