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When in Kiev, it is unusual not to date. You must have noticed western men debating when and where they can find Ukrainian women and at what time of the year they should visit Kiev so they can meet Kiev women. The best way is to experience the Kiev nightlife where chances of encountering beautiful Kiev women are high.

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Exploring Beautiful Kiev!


Ukraine is a beautiful country and holds a number of attractions. Kiev is its capital and no doubt it is a beautiful city with some really amazing touring points. If you are thinking to visit Ukraine but don’t have much time then you must visit its capital Kiev as it is something you shouldn’t miss. Kiev is popular among tourists and every year thousands of tourists come to experience this city filled with possibilities. People going on a world tour never miss out Kiev and always include it in their list! Kiev is located along the banks of Dnieper and is a quite large city. It is not just the capital of Ukraine but also heart of the country.


Why visit Kiev?


The EU citizens do not need visas to visit Kiev which is one great advantage of travelling to Ukraine as compared to other European countries. This makes entry into the country a lot feasible. It will take about 30 minutes from Kiev international airport to reach the center of Kiev. If you stay in a hotel you can book a bus ride in advance at affordable price. And of course they will help you with anything that you may require.


Citizens of Ukraine speak Ukrainian but everyone understands and speaks Russian as well if that will help you. They even utilize the Cyrillic alphabet. Unfortunately the number of people who speak and understand English among the population of Ukraine including the youth is very less. But if you make a little effort then you will survive definitely.


The Main Attractions


The main attractions of the city of Kiev are the great churches and cathedrals. The city is known for its ancient monuments which were recently renovated and are now even nicer to look at. Additionally, one should not miss a nice walk around Naberezhne that runs along the river Dnepr, the city’s lifeblood. Infrastructure of this city is not similar to other Western European cities. That means that you have to be careful about where you put your feet after deviating from boulevards, because not all the sidewalks of the side streets are refurbished. Places of Kiev are even more interesting than Sevastopol. Well not to worry because this is just one of the charms of the great city. Kiev is full of interesting places to visit and some of the top must to see places are. . .




Pyrohiv is a tiny village at the south of Kiev which came into being during the time of Bronze Age. Presently it covers 370 acres of land contains artifacts and buildings belonging to ancient times. The museum holds more than 40,000 artifacts and furniture dating back to 1742. You will see many old houses made of wood and featuring wooden windmills. This town speaks of ancient history and you can learn a lot about olden times of Kiev if you visit this village.


Kiev Monastery of Caves


Also known as Kiev Pechersk Kavra dates back to 1051. It is not just a monastery or a church but in fact a series of churches where you can behold the beauty of ancient churches and immerse yourself in spiritual atmosphere. The most prominent and incredible feature of the city of Kiev is the Great Lavra Bell tower. Located on top of the Holy Gates which is the main entrance to the Monastery is the Gate Church of the Trinity. Other than that churches like Church of the Savior at Berestov and All Saints Church are also located there. The caves there are like a maze of underground tunnels. It is a beautiful part of the city and if you are into churches and art then you should definitely visit this one.


Symbol of Kiev


There is always a symbol that represents a city and THE symbol of Kiev is the Motherland Monument. While in Kiev, it will be sinful to miss out the Motherland Monument. It is like visiting New York and not seeing Statue of Liberty. The monument weighs more than 500 tons and is above 300 feet tall. It is a beautiful sight to behold and a magical ambiance surrounds it.


The Golden Gate


Also known as the Zoloti Vorata came into being during eleventh century by Yasaslov the Wise as an entrance to the ancient town of Kiev. Currently it is present as a museum and is considered to be the icon of Kiev. If you want to experience the historical heritage of the city of Kiev then Golden Gate is a must to visit place.


The Kiev Zoo


If you are an animal lover then you must visit Kiev Zoo. It is the only zoo in Kiev and the largest Zoo of the former Soviet Union. It is spread around 23 acres of land and contains more than 328 species, 2,600 animals and more than 130 shrubs and trees spread around different islands of the zoo decorating it and adding to its beauty. The zoo has kept on being one of the main attractions of the city of Kiev even after going through controversial circumstances and it is hoped that it will keep on adding to the attractions of the great city.


Meeting Kiev Women


When in Kiev, it is unusual not to date. You must have noticed western men debating when and where they can find Ukrainian women and at what time of the year they should visit Kiev so they can meet Kiev women. The best way is to experience the Kiev nightlife where chances of encountering beautiful Kiev women are high.


Unlocking the Secret!


When it comes to Kiev nightlife, there are some secrets that you should unfold. For example, you may find it surprising that the best time of the year to enjoy Kiev nightlife and meet Kiev women is winters. Why? Because most Ukrainian men don’t visit clubs and bars like their women and Western tourist men will find the odds in their favor if they decide upon braving the cold and visiting nightclubs at that time. In fact, they say there are about ten ladies for every other man at a club or a bar. This is highly true on “ladies night”.


Ladies night usually occur when the business in Kiev is declining to some level. Because of this reason you will find many unemployed women and university girls up for taking chances. If you are a man who prefer mature women rather than girls then visiting clubs and bars on Friday and Saturday nights will be appropriate for you. The best place where you can find some real girls and not the prostitutes and gold diggers are the places that work around a theme and are not very pricey. For example, you may find a club featuring a popular Ukrainian singer or a nightclub having Latin dancing nights. Kiev women tend to visit these places since they believe such places represent class and fine quality of men. The atmosphere in these clubs and bars is exciting and blatant, which can turn every one into a good mood, facilitating women to want to meet men.


Another feasible location where you can meet Kiev women who are genuine is celebrations and birthday parties. Some of the Kiev women cannot afford to experience nightlife that often because it is highly expensive in Kiev. So this is why you can meet a nice lady who doesn’t go out in town very often but is there for her best friend’s birthday party. So if you want to approach some real nice women in nightclubs then do approach ladies who are there celebrating in groups.


What to when you meet a nice woman?


Once you meet a nice girl you can impress her with your personality and attitude. You don’t have to act cool since there are plenty of local men in Kiev who are that way. Involve her through your western charm since Kiev girls find it exciting to meet men from different countries. And if you make a good impression you can ask her for a date. A smooth way to do so is to ask her to guide you around in Kiev and ask her to take you on a tour. This will definitely involve her since you are giving her a chance to be the one who is more knowledgeable about touring. And then while touring you can explore some places that serve amazing food and drinks. Most of their local food places have amazing dishes to serve so you can experience the local flavors as well.


Now you know a lot about where to visit when in Kiev and where you can find some nice beautiful women. Nightlife of Kiev is very happening and you will find some real nice women to date with while in Kiev. This will make your tour all the more memorable when you have a beautiful partner to explore the beautiful city. So make the most of this newly acquired knowledge and make sure you keep these facts in mind while planning a visit to Kiev. You can also visit places like Kharkiv and Poltava. Happy travelling!