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Would you believe Croatia has around one thousand small islands? The mind does not accept such a fact, but that is true. The shores are rocky and indented; also, it has the best-expanded coastline in entire Europe. As mentioned before, the land is a cultural hub; you would be fantasying smaller towns and gorgeous cities, which tell about rich cultural aspects and history. Also, these houses and towns speak about the ancient Venetian and Roman legacy and taste.

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Croatia – hub of wonderful islands


The beauty resides here -


The beautiful hub of small yet gorgeous islands invites you to explore its wonderful appeal. Yes, the beauty of Croatia is being discussed here as amongst some of the highest adored tourist destinations, this place secures a distinctive image. With its heavenly beauty, majestic sceneries, deep blue seas, astonishing beaches and countless breathtaking views, you cannot resist being here for a lovely holiday period.


This piece of land is gifted with lots of natural treasures, you would indeed get lost in such majestic wonders – what does this place offer?


·         All the enticing and awe-inspiring natural beauty


·         Heirloom and legacy like no other


·         Enriched culture and history


·         Drooling gastronomy


·         Beautiful people – they are one of the most exotic looking faces, indeed


The people of the region are more than generous and friendly. They love their visitors and want to facilitate them at their best. How can you ignore the bold feature, gorgeous looking Croatia girls? Yes, they are wonders of earth. You would enjoy this piece of land to the fullest because there is everything beyond one’s imagination.




Croatia is situated somewhere in the middle of the European countries and lie in the Adriatic region. In particular, it has Hungary towards the north, Slovenia towards the West – the eastern side has Montenegro, Bosnia and Serbia, while Adriatic Sea separates it from the Italian region. Did you see how many ways are opened for the tourist to reach this place? In fact, there are multiple sea routes to visit Croatia, and that is why many ferries and ships are earning great business through it. In addition, due to the presences of the Adriatic Sea, the land has been able to allure people with deep crystal blue beaches and resorts.


The country has around 4.437.460 population – due to its surrounded geography you would see people from different regions residing here. These may include Albanians, Hungarians, Czechs, Bosnians, Serbs, Slovenians and Italians as well. There may be some other minority groups as well; however, one thing would be same, they love for the people and serving nature.


Desirable attractions


Would you believe Croatia has around one thousand small islands? The mind does not accept such a fact, but that is true. The shores are rocky and indented; also, it has the best-expanded coastline in entire Europe. As mentioned before, the land is a cultural hub; you would be fantasying smaller towns and gorgeous cities, which tell about rich cultural aspects and history. Also, these houses and towns speak about the ancient Venetian and Roman legacy and taste.


Indeed, it is not possible to jot down all the attractions of Croatia, but the best ones, which are visited most by the tourist include;


Gornji Grad


Situated in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, Gornji Grad is considered as the elite’s adobe.  Two separate groups, Kaptol and Gradec, developed the town in the 17th century. Artisan and tradesmen used to live in this particular region and formed a separate northern area of the capital city. You can explore the St. Mark’s Church, which is one of the oldest churches in the country. You can simply get yourself guides that can be your friends on the trip. By exploring the online Croatia women dating forums, you can be friends with someone who clicks your mind. This is ideal to enjoy the wonders of the city with one wonder itself.


Other Zagreb attractions that most of the travelers recommend are:


Museum of broken relationships


It is unlike conventional museums because it tells you about various love stories or you can assume, stories, which could not achieve happy ending– it would make you feel what love is, and how lucky you are! It is worth visiting because the concept is just beyond wonderful. There is a small gift shop as well which offers some of the most interesting and unique presents for the visitors.




Cathedral of the Assumption


It is the incredible history teller that you would enjoy more than anything. It is a wonderful creation which accentuates of beautiful décor and artwork. The interior and exterior have been just amazing to see.


Hvar attractions


This island is enriched with natural wonders – something that you would want to see with your beloved ones. Do not worry, if you do not have someone to accompany you, you can easily get into a relationship with Croatia girl. She would turn out to be loyal, sweet, loving and more than just beautiful. If you have true intentions, or just want to be friends with Croatia woman, you can simply look for online portals, which offer facilities like finding Croatia women dating ideas and spots.


Pakleni Islands


These islands are considered to have some of the best beachfront restaurants, lounges and cafes. People enjoy their time while playing water sports, swimming and even boating. You can simply get yourself boats and enjoy the peaceful rides. Many adore the snorkeling, which is being offered here. Interestingly, nothing would go beyond your pocket limit – you can even enjoy the amazing beach parties, which are offered by the bars and local restaurants.




Another natural beauty that lies in Hvar is Dubovica – you can simply take a bus ride on the rocky pathways to reach the beautiful island of Dubovica. Those who adore peace, seek relaxation, this is the only place made for you. It is ethereal and mind-blowing. You can get a chance of meeting Croatia girls here because the locals are commonly seen at places like these. Even, you can come on a nice romantic date with your Croatia companion. It is magical and mind blowing.




There is a lot that can be done to explore this wonderful place – you can cherish yourself with;


·         Organo Marino – it would give you an experience like no other – moreover, the sunset that is seen from this point is something to die for.


·         Zrmanja - Enjoy fishing, rafting or just see what natural beauty feels like, you would be delighted!


If you are culturally inspired


If culture heritage and heirloom means everything to you, you must visit the places including;


·         Split – the city that is known for Diocletians Palace – it welcomes you to see what real culture feels like.


·         Euphrasian Basilica – the place with valuable culture, located in Porec.


·         Opatija – one of the most elegant tourist destinations, which has culturally enriched tourism points.


·         Hvar – it looks like that Disney got the idea of fairyland from this city only – it has all the things that eyes would get pleased with; such a lovely weather, natural aesthetic and wonders!


·         Rovinj: it is the only picturesque coastal town in the world.


Want a party? Hang out at Night


Croatia nightlife is full of colors and life - in fact; it has a pulsating nightlife which can allure all. According to the travelers, these places are worth enjoying the nightlife in Croatia with beautiful native girls.


·         Tequila bar beach


·         Villa Club


·         Byblos


If you want to enjoy music or concerts, you may want to listen to best singers and composers in Arena, Pula.


If you want to party till dawn, you have wonderful options like beaches that offer full night dance parties, concerts and other fun filled activities. One of the places, Hemingway would please you with international DJ music collections – it is wonderful to be part of such an event.


Love food?


If you are looking forward to get the unique Croatia Food taste, you must visit Milan, Vela Nera and Valsabbion. Other than this, Zigante restaurant fulfills the promise of offering best culinary in the form of various truffles, and delicious wines. In contrast to this, you want to have trendy, simple yet tasty food, you must serve yourself a fine lunch or dinner at Nautica – at restaurant Barilla, the chefs daily serve wonderful recipes so that you keep coming back. These are ideal place where you can meet Croatia girls. They can accompany you in a wonderful candlelight dinner or maybe in coffee.


If wine is your core interest, you must go to bar-come café, Pineta which would serve you something that you have not ever had before. Similarly, if you are a meat lover, or want to enjoy delicious seafood, you must visit Branimir restaurant because it is simply delicious and tasty.


In terms of expensive and elusive restaurants, you must visit Zlatna Ribica because it has one of the widest and diversified menus that offer seafood, meat, simple dishes, desserts and world famous wines. Yaska is one of the options, which would fulfill your need of having food in some elite restaurant; it is located in Hvar. Ah, this is mouth-watering.


It’s a place you must visit


Therefore, by now you must be intrigued enough to visit Croatia because it is indeed irresistible. Usually masses prefer going to this piece of Land is late august because it is the peak time when most of the visitors are seen here. Plan your vacations in such a way that at least you get a chance to visit 50 percent of the spots, if not all. Consider traveling Maui, Hawaii and Hungary for a similar travel and dating experience.