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Baku–or Baki, as it is often known, is the capital of Azerbaijan and the largest city and port in the Caucasus region. It sprawls over the Absheron peninsula in a natural amphitheater bounded by mountains to the west and the Caspian Sea to the north, south and east. A cosmopolitan city run according to secular principles, it is an appealing destination where locals, expats and visitors of different ethnicities mingle with ease.

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This article aims to discuss some of the wonderful aspects of Baku, Azerbaijan. If you are looking to find the girl of your dreams in Baku, the information provided will give you an insight on what it will involve. We will take a look at some of Baku’s great characteristics that will make it a rewarding destination and will provide you with some of the best meeting places that Baku has to offer. A bit about the Baku women will also give you an idea of their personalities. Finding the women in Baku will also be much easier, as we discuss meeting women in Baku. Let’s jump into it, so you have a good head start.

The Land of Fire

Azerbaijan is known as the “land of fire” with its filthy-rich capital-Baku! Why is it filthy-rich, you ask? Baku was the first country in the world to produce oil and, hence, its economy is based on petroleum. Baku has been known as one of the most beautiful cities of the world. It has a population exceeding a whopping two million and is the largest city of the Caucasus region.

Baku can be described as an educational, intellectual, advanced, industrial and political part of Azerbaijan. The climate of Baku is unique; it is neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. Azerbaijani, otherwise known as Azeri, is the official language of the country. In Baku, you will find the younger generation speaking European languages like English, German and French. The Azerbaijani Manat is the currency of the country. Baku is known to set the tone for the rest of the country and is in progress to becoming a world-class destination!

The Positives of Baku, Azerbaijan

A modern and advancing city
Has great shopping centres, restaurants, museums, movie theatres, and other places of entertainment
Industrial centre of the country
High quality brand hotels for tourists
Beautiful architecture
Very hospitable and kind people
Eco-friendly environment
Great shopping experience
Plentiful taxis and affordable taxi rates
Well educated and cultured people
Amazing historical walks
Lots of museums for history lovers
Easy to get around
Domestic trains are very cheap
Offers a pleasant climate

Places to be in Baku!

If you’re new to Baku or if you are just planning a visit there, knowing the Best Meeting Spots will help a great deal. As long as you know where to go, it will make your trip a memorable and effective one. Let’s take a look at some of the best meeting spots in this gorgeous place. With plenty of taxis to go around and affordable taxi rates, you won’t have any problem in visiting these famous spots.

The Coffee, The Food, The Cafes!

Cafes in Baku serve as the ideal meeting spots. Expect to pay western prices for your coffees in these cafes, but they will definitely be worth the visit.

Sunset Café

Known as one of the best cafes that Baku has to offer, this one should definitely be on your list. The quality of the food is excellent and the service is great too! This restaurant is for those who are looking to enjoy a pure American cuisine whilst being in Baku. You’ll get everything, such as club sandwiches, burgers and even hot dogs!  

Café City

If you want an extensive menu, you need something that is not heavy on the pocket and would prefer to have English-speaking staff, Café City is the place to go! It is nothing too fancy yet provides satisfying meals, and is definitely good value for your money.

Bisque Café

The Bisque Café is a great place to unwind over a nice meal. It offers the perfect ambience and is a great place to relax. If you’re planning to meet someone special, this restaurant will provide a cosy atmosphere that will help in keeping things easy-going and relaxed. This is one café that you would want to visit again and again.


Looking for a fine dining experience? Here are some of Baku’s top restaurants that serve as the perfect meeting spots.

Santino Group Italian Restaurant: Do you want the taste of Italy in Baku? Then this one’s for you! Great food and excellent service will bring smiles.

Firuza: This is a great place to enjoy Azeri meals. It offers a pleasant ambience and is good value for money.

Chinar: Do you need a good venue for a date night? Chinar will do the trick! With fine dining and amazing ambience, this one’s simply perfect.

Sahil: A great restaurant offering Turkish cuisine; this is a highly recommended restaurant that can set the perfect tone for a meet-up.

Elvet: This one’s the perfect place to enjoy succulent steaks in Baku.

Party All Night!

If you’re looking to meet during the night, some of the best places to consider are Room wine bar, Layla’s Dance Club, The Coral NightClub, Bermuda Club and The Underground Club, as well as countless more. Although there are plenty of places to enjoy, these clubs will be worth the visit.

Middle-Eastern Women and their Appeal

Women from Baku are amongst the beautiful women on the planet. They are considered to be the ones with the strongest middle-eastern appeal in the Caucasus. They average Baku girl has jet black, curly hair and slightly sallow skin. They have a soft appearance and are very feminine. You won’t necessary find slim girls in Baku but they have good figures with an average 24 BMI. Baku women like to keep themselves maintained and done-up. They look after themselves and would appreciate guys who respect their interests. However, they are not so easy to approach. If you really want to win one’s heart, you must be on your best behaviour at all times.

Baku and its Women

Baku is home to many beautiful girls but that doesn’t imply that you’ll get lucky. As mentioned before, the gorgeous girls from Baku are not so easy to approach and, therefore, knowing where to find them will help in providing a good place to begin.

If you’re looking to meet girls in Baku, you could try the nightlife that Baku has to offer. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and night clubs that you can enjoy visiting. Many bargirls in Baku are pretty girls; however, they may not be so comfortable in interacting with foreigners. Therefore, if you are a foreigner, you must remember that you will naturally appeal differently to a woman in Baku. Your safest bet would be to come across as easy-going and respectful, so that the woman knows that you are a good person and are not there just to hit on her. Provided that you don’t rush into things and are welcoming and friendly, a girl from Baku will feel less hesitant in starting a conversation.

You could also hang out near universities, if appropriate. Such places will provide you with a selection of girls that are young, beautiful and educated. If you are currently studying too, then a university girl will be a good option. Again, keep a lookout for the ones that respond to you. Some might be living in hostels and would be keen to roam around with you in their spare time. However, others may be conservative and may avoid you. Approach the one you feel is welcoming you with her body language or secret gestures.

Another important aspect to consider is that Baku is based on some simple Islamic beliefs. One belief does not allow women to stay out late or even go out with guys before they are married. Due to these Islamic beliefs, some women in Baku may be conservative and harder to approach. However, you will be able to judge her and her values by either approaching her or noticing how she responds to you with her body language. If you feel that a Baku woman is giving you signs that you are not welcome, the best thing would be to try somewhere else. Yes, it may be hard if that girl has caught your eye, but respecting her and avoiding getting her into any trouble will provide you with a feel-good factor. If she seems interested, she will naturally respond and then you can see how things go on from there. Just remember to be respectful and she will appreciate your concern for her. Either way, you’ll feel good.

Baku In Short

Baku is a great place to explore that is continuously advancing by the day. It is home to stunning girls who will never fail to catch your attention. However, women from Baku will not always be the most easy to approach due to some beliefs that are based on Islamic values. Avoiding these girls would be the most appropriate thing to do, just in case you accidentally offend them. On the other hand, some may not be as conservative and you’ll stand a good chance of getting into a conversation. Just remember that every woman likes to be respected and will appreciate a man who can give her a sense of security. Don’t rush into things, be nice and see how things go on from there. You may just get lucky in a filthy-rich city!