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Tbilisi is also a modern city moving forward in the 21st century after the strife and stagnation of the late 20th. There is a wide and growing array of good accomĀ­modation and places to eat, and a busy cultural scene and nightlife.

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Almost 10 times the size of any other city in Georgia, Tbilisi is where it all happens. Politically, culturally, economically and socially, this is the hub of the country and the place to which Georgians gravitate for action and excitement. Capital of Georgia (in its various incarnations) almost continually since the 5th century, Tbilisi brims with history and has a dramatic setting on hillsides either side of the swift Mtkvari River. Its Old Town, at the narrowest part of the valley, is still redolent of an ancient Eurasian crossroads, with narrow, winding alleys, handsome religious buildings, and old balconied houses and caravanserais (travellers inns).


Prestigious new building projects – from a new presidential palace to five-star hotels, shopping malls and leisure facilities – are giving Tbilisi a new dimension, although little money is steered towards the working-class neighbourhoods (or the chaotic and dirty bus stations). The most attractive of the three Caucasian capitals, Tbilisi is still the beating heart of the Caucasus and should not be missed by any visitor.


Tbilisi is an amazing mix of old, ancient, and a bit of new. It is split by the Mt'k'vari River. Along it you will find fantastic of Orthodox churches, statues of heroes, sulfur baths, ancient fortress with origins in Roman construction, and a new Orthodox church (Sameba) dominating the skyline in the whole valley.


Go to the Dry Bridge market. You will find many examples of artistic expression. touristy items, and handmade goods. Up the park from that you will find a sort of flea market full of locals. You'll find anything you never knew you wanted, here. There are many options to find soviet memorabilia.


Anchiskhati Basilica is the oldest surviving church in Tbilisi dating from the 6th century.


From there, go up to the TV Tower. We had to go through Freedom Square. In the middle is a gorgeous golden statue of St George slaying the dragon. There were also lots of metal frames with plastic over them.


Rustaveli Ave. and Freedom square (Liberty square) is the heart of downtown Tbilisi, their you can find a lot of art galleries, a must see is the gallery selling Pirosmanishvili’s paintings.


There is a funicular that takes you to the top of the mountain where the TV tower. There are stairs up to a level about halfway up that you can climb to. It is very steep but will reward you with amazing views of the valley and river.


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