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Albania is a wonderful country located in Europe. Due to its amazing location, this country offers a great tourist destination. If you wish to meet women, then this country is also a good choice for you, as you will find some very beautiful women to date and there are many places where you can meet them, as well as many places where you can take them to, in order to get to better know each other and maybe even start a long-lasting relationship.

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Explore Albania to Find Single Women


A few words about Albania

Albania is officially called the Republic of Albania and it is a country situated in the Southeastern Europe. The capital city of Albania is Tirana. Because of the location of this country, it has more weather patterns that change during summer and winter. There are many things to see and do in Albania. Even if you are looking forward to meeting Single Albania Women, it is possible that this happens.


Tourism in Albania

Tourism is an important domain in Albania, so that an important percentage of the country’s national income provides from tourism. As of 2011, this country has been listed as a top travel destination in the world, according to Lonely Planet. In 2014, New York Times nominated Albania as the fourth global touristic destination. As you can probably imagine, the most important tourism destinations are centered around the Adriatic-sea coast and the Ionian sea coast. The Ionian Sea coast is also called the Albanian Riviera and it provides its visitors with spectacular pristine beaches. The seaside of Albania extends on a length of 450 km and it offers a wide variety of sandy beaches, coves, lagoons, sea caves and more.

Aside from the seaside and beaches, Albania is also an important destination for tourists, graceful to its Albanian Alps, which provide with very beautiful mountainous regions.

For those people who like adventure, Albania is the perfect place, due to its magnificent landscapes and the hiking places available across the country.


Getting in and around Albania

There are three main motorways in the country and a highway. Also, two additional highways await to be built in the near future in this country. The aviation is also well-developed in Albania. There is also a railway system, which was relatively affected by the increase of car ownership and also of bus usage.


Where can you stay, eat and drink?

There are a variety of accommodations that you can find across this country, as it is well-developed from the tourism point of view. Depending on your exact location, you can find amazing hotels, hostels, apartments and guesthouses to spend your night in. you will find luxury hotels, as well as budget hostels, so it only depends on your specific needs and on your preferences to opt for the one that best suits you. For example, if you wish to stay in the capital city, then you can choose to book your accommodation at Green House, where prices start at $49 per night. This is a four stars hotel which only has 10 stylish rooms and a fancy restaurant. If you are looking for a five stars hotel, then you are recommended to choose Sheraton Tirana Hotel. However, for a budget hotel, you could choose Bristol Hotel, which is a 3 star hotel situated only 500 meters from the city’s center and where prices start at $15 per night.


If you stay in Durres, then you can book your accommodation at Palace Hotel and Spa, if you are looking for luxury and style, as this is a five star hotel, where prices start at $72 per night. If you are looking for something more affordable, then you could opt for Hotel Marika, which is a 3 stars hotel, where prices start at $20 per night, but you also get access to a private beach.


The cuisine in Albania is mainly influenced by the country’s long history and it consists of a midday meal and main dish. As you can probably imagine, you will find hundreds of restaurants across the country, all of which are ready to offer you food to suit your preferences. Aside from the traditional dishes, you will be able to find restaurants with foreign dishes, as well, such as for example Italian food. When staying in Tirana, for example, you could opt for the Serendiville, which is considered to be one of the best restaurants in this city. Amor is yet another great option for you, and it is one of the restaurants that have been awarded with the Certificate of Excellence in 2014. Delicatezza di Mare is a great place where you can enjoy sea food, exactly as its name depicts, which means “Food Delicacy”.


Supposing you visit Durres, there are also a wide range of restaurants to choose from. Some of the most recommended restaurants where you can eat in this location include Rimini, Queen Pizzeria Restaurant and Piazza.


Nightlife Albania

The Nightlife in Albania is well-developed and you can find many bars, nightclubs and other entertaining venues where you can enjoy a night of drinks, dance and fun. Some of the most popular nightlife venues that you should not miss are:

         The Living Room, in Tirana

         Night Club Calvin in Tirana

         Charl’s, in Tirana

         Folie, in Tirana

         Sky Club Bar, in Tirana

         Kaon Beer Garden

         Bar Torra, in Durres


However, these are only a few places that you should take into consideration, as there are many others across this beautiful and well-developed country.


Shopping in Albania

If you Visit Tirana, then you need to visit the shopping places that are most famous in this city, and which are: Tirana East Gate, City Park, LeFutur, Coin, as well as others alike. City Park is the second largest mall in the country. There are plenty of other shopping malls and shopping centers, as well as small shops that you can find all across the country.


You will also see plenty of street vendors, where you can basically find fresh fruits for sale. This is always a good option for you, as you can buy some fresh fruits to take with you on your way. You can find such street markets all along the way in Albania.


Main attractions in Albania

There are many attractions across Albania, each of them varying depending on the location and on the type of attraction. Some of them you will consider more interesting for your cultural or historic side, while others might even help you find a Single Woman in Albania to start dating with.


Some of the most popular attractions in Tirana include the following:

Cultural attractions: Skanderbeg Castle, Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania, Et’hem Bey Mosque, Tomb of Kaplan Pasha, Catholic Church of St. Marie, Fortress of Justinian, Enver Hoxha Pyramid

  Landmarks: Skanderbeg Square, Skanderbeg Statue, Clock Tower, Tanners’ Bridge, Peace Bell

    Museums: National History Museum, National Gallery of Figurative Arts of Albania, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Natural Sciences

    Outdoors: Grand Park, Rinia Park, The Cave of Pellumbas, Spille Beach


If you are visiting Durres, then here are the attractions that you should not miss: Durres Amphitheatre, Shark WaterSports, Patrik Cybercafe and Gaming Center.


There are also some beautiful attractions to see in Saranda. Some of the most popular include: Butrint, Blue Eye, Ksamil Village, Lekuresi Castle, Pulebardha Beach and Sarande Museum.


The perfect places for meeting single women

As the nightlife in Albania is relatively entertaining, you have great chances to meet Albanian Single Women almost everywhere, in any clubs and bars, or in restaurants. Anyway, probably one of the safest places to meet Albanian single women is on online dating sites, which allow you to meet girls even before you get to this country. This way, you can get to know the single girl in Albania before you actually meet her, so that you can decide whether you wish to go on a date with her. If you develop a stronger relation through the online dating site, then you can establish a romantic date for the moment you arrive in Albania.


Countries for which it is well-visited

Albania is bordered by Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece. Also, it has a coast on the Adriatic Sea (on the Ionian Sea). You can see the distance that is 72 km between Albania and Italy, and because of this, the Strait of Otranto, that connects the Ionian Sea to the Adriatic Sea. Being so close to Italy makes Albania a country that offers you the opportunity to also enjoy other beautiful locations. Imagine for example that you have a date with an Albanian woman and you take her to Italy, which is a very beautiful country. You would surely impress your date and it might be the beginning of a very romantic and beautiful relationship between you.


Why visit Albania

Albania is a beautiful country in Europe and due to its proximity to Italy and its coastline on two different Seas – the Adriatic and the Ionian – it is a well-developed country from the point of view of tourism. This is also one of the reasons why you have the chance to meet your Albanian single woman in this amazing country, as long as you know where to look for her. While searching for an amazing woman while visiting certain locations is a choice, probably the best option is to first meet her here, which allows you the opportunity to better get to know her before actually meeting her when you visit Albania.