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The best hidden gems of Serbia lie within the surprisingly diverse rural landscapes of this comparatively small country. Europe’s deepest canyon, Tara Canyon, boasts Serbia’s most challenging whitewater rafting, while Kopaonik has become the country’s prime ski getaway. Serbia’s landscape is also dotted with more than 150 mainly unexplored caves, more than 300 natural geothermal springs, and the ruins of several palaces and monuments built by the 17 Roman emperors born on Serbia’s soil.

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Against all odds, Belgrade’s Roman-era fortress still stands guard over Serbia’s capital and biggest city, which has endured no fewer than 60 invasions and 38 fires during its tumultuous history. Belgrade’s most popular recreation and relaxation spot is the former island of Ada Ciganlija, one of the largest green spaces within a European national capital. The grounds of Petrovaradin Fortress, the most famous landmark in Serbia’s second-largest city Novi Sad, now contain several bars, restaurants, and even concert venues.


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Besides going sightseeing, there is still something to explore- women! A google search for “Serbian girls” lead to blogs, which confirmed that indeed this was something any visitor to Serbia has experienced. Some attribute it to genetics, some to the women taking great care in maintaining themselves etc. But what everyone finally agrees on is that Serbia is one place on earth where you find more beauty per square meter. 



Serbain women

Tall, dark and sexy.  Those were my first impressions of Serbian women after I landed in Belgrade’s Tesla International Airport.  Over the next few days, as I braved the chilly street of Serbia’s capital, my impressions were only strengthened, reinforced and solidified.


I’ve been with all kinds of women but there’s something very alluring about Slavic women.  First, they’re very feminine — they ooze femininity.  While the rest of the world is being infested with feminist cancer, Serbia—like the rest of Slavic countries—has simply been immune.  Seems like feminism and Slavs are like oil and water: they just don’t mix too well.  Of course, as an Eastern European guy, I’m also a bit biased having grown up around them from an early age.


Nice to know that the hot Serbian females attract a wide variation of men. It's known to all people that the more money you have in a country like Serbia the more and the prettier women you can get. Also keep in mind that the average serbian is quite poor, So we western men should be able to get the hottest and prettiest girls out there with ease! Next to these facts we scraped a lot more of them, let's all have a hot looking Serbian date and live a long life with them.


• Women love men who kind of dominate them.

• The women in Serbia love to dance, drink alcohol and visit festivals. The mostly fall for the good looking western men who does have some money to spend on them, do not worry, this is not quite a lot!

• Serbian females love men who care about their good looks, although this they also prefer a guy with a religion.