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Beirut, with its million-plus inhabitants, conveys a sense of life and energy that is immediately apparent. This dynamism is echoed by Capital’s geographical position: a great promontory jutting into the blue sea with dramatic mountains rising behind it.

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Atmosphere, not necessarily a long list of sights, is what Beirut delivers best. Its mix of peoples, religions and cultures gives the city a dynamic edge and watching Beirut is go about their everyday business is an interesting form of sightseeing. The best place to take it all in is along the Corniche. In a city of few open, green spaces, this long seaside promenade. Functions as a kind of park, a public gathering space. You'll see people of all ages, in all forms of dress, walking, jogging, eating and generally visiting there. The Corniche also has wonderful views on the coast. Pigeon Rocks, a group of rock formations set in a cove in Raouche, is the most dramatic of the views, as well as a popular backdrop for evening drinks. The historical downtown, the neighborhood most devastated during the civil war, has been almost entirely restored.


Downtown Beirut


Known to be the commercial and busiest city in Lebanon, Beirut also has several nightclubs, restaurants and other entertaining places Not to mention the famous market at the Martyr's Place known as Souk el Barghout , where hundreds of tourists pass by and enjoy a delightful meal , or even a cup of coffee at the enjoyable outdoor cafes available, and enjoy the sights of by passers walking and mixing in with the Lebanese public. In addition to those, our great capital provides the other restaurants and hangouts that people of all ages can go and have a wild time with Oriental, Pop, Blues, and Jazz Music provided by our many fine restaurants.


Roman Temples of Baalbeck


Baalbeck, Lebanon's greatest Roman treasure, can be counted among the wonders of the ancient world. The largest and most noble Roman temples ever built, they are also among the best preserved.

Towering high above the Beqaa plain, their monumental proportions proclaimed the power and wealth of Imperial Rome. The gods worshipped here, the Triad of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, were grafted onto the indigenous deities of Hadad, Atargatis and a young male god of fertility. Local influences are also seen in the planning and layout of the temples, which vary from the classic Roman design.


Jeita Grotto


Jeita Grotto is the jewel of tourism in Lebanon offering to its visitors qualified modern services and accommodation in harmony with a fascinating nature. It creates a magical trip which enables them to spend a day of wonder-filled adventure by being carried away from a tangible world to a wonderland where are found 2 fabulous grottoes full of an unimaginable beauty and of a magical fascination! It is a source of attraction for whole the families wishing to discover a mysterious world in the heart of the earth.

A truly hidden gem of the world, Lebanon has been a melting-pot of uniquely massive proportions for centuries — and it shows. The women of Lebanon are routinely some of the most exotically beautiful in the entire world. Haifa Wehbe is just one example of the girls that walk around Beirut any given day of the week.