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The Czech Republic is definitely a hotspot in itself for almost every country in the world. Whether you live in the traditional east or the modernized west, you will find the Czech Republic, Czech Republic particularly unique as it does a place where tradition and modernization are found co-exist. It is definitely one of the top spots of the entire world irrespective of where you live, and the women will definitely make you go crazy for them, not just by their charms and looks but by their personalities and their hard nature, making them not any easy girl to pick up but at the same time one of the most amazing girls you can find.

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How to make it to the Czech Republic?

It depends upon where you are currently residing. If you are a citizen of the European Union then all you have to do is catch a train directly to Prague and your journey to the city and perhaps the love of your life will start there of immediately. If you reside in Asia or the Americas, then you can book a flight to Prague. It may take some time, but the experience you will gain by meeting the people of Czech Republic, Czech Republic and simply absorbing their beauty in that beautiful city and country will simply change your life.

Where to stay?

Once you arrive in the Czech Republic, it all depends upon which city are you planning to reside in. if you decide to stay in Prague, then you’ll have several options for hotels where you can stay. One of them is the beautiful Golden Well hotel in Prague. Other than that you have the Alchymist hotel as well as the Ventana hotel which are also located in Prague. These hotels pamper you from the moment you enter their door step and are one of the jewels in the city. Similarly you may also decide to stay in other cities such as Heralec than the Chateau Heralec will be the perfect place for you to stay. Similarly if you decided to stay in Mcley, then Chateau Mcley will be absolutely wonderful for you. If you interact with people through our website, then you may even get to stay in their own homes, which will save you from an immense amount of hotel charges and you will be under the supervision of some amazing guides to the city where you have decided to stay.

Where can you Shop?

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, there is no way on Earth that you can loath shopping! Everyone loves it and the Czech Republic, Czech Republic doesn’t disappoint in providing you the best shopping centers and markets in the world for some of the most amazing brands that you can find. The first starting point is the center of Prague, the Palladium! It is a five story shopping mall with over a hundred and fifty shops and over 30 cafes and restaurants. Not only can you spend hours shopping for your favorite brand of every kind of object imaginable, but you may even spend quality time with someone you adore right in the heart of the city. Similarly you may also choose to shop at Arkady Pankrak mall which opened in 2008 and is home to some amazing shopping outlets and an amazing food court as well. Novy Smichov is also excellent for your shopping needs however if you want to have an intimate feeling while shopping, especially with some special Czech company, then you’ll love the Palac Flora. The environment is very airy and it also has a cinema in addition to a food court and a number of shopping outlets.

The places to be

Whenever it comes to the main attractions or the hotspots of the city, Prague is absolutely not short of them. If you want to see the major attractions of Prague, the first place you need to be is Prague Bridge, which links the halves of the city divided by the river Vltava River which divides the city to Old Town and New Town. This link has been one of the most famous meeting spots of people for decades and will continue to be, thus gaining a lot of significance. Similarly there are several other attractions in the city such as Prague Castle, which is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic. It dates back to the 19th century and has been a seat of power for more than a millennium. It is the largest ancient castle in the world according to the Guinness book of world records. The Lennon wall is also an amazing place to visit, which has been filled with graffiti related to the famous singer of the band The Beatles. You can go there and inspire your free-thinking self so as to understand yourself completely.

The Hotspots, women and nightlife

Similarly, there are a lot of hotspots in the Czech Republic, Czech Republic, especially the city of Prague that you will find very astounding. These places will also serve to be the best place where you can meet single women as well. There isn’t any declared best place where you will have the best experience for a Czech nightlife, but the Lucerna Music Bar can be a very interesting spot for you to ask any Czech girl out. This bar gives a nightlife that generates a feeling of the 80s and the 90s and is very much renowned for it throughout the city of Prague. Similarly there are other places as well which are particularly famous for the women coming in and out as well as the nightlife and music. If you truly want to find a great spot to ask girls out, then the Radost FX is an amazing café/bar where you can do as you please. It is a vegie restaurant by day and a night club by night where several women can make you go absolutely crazy for them. Lavka Bar and Club is also an amazing trademark symbol for the nightlife of Prague and the Czech Republic in the summers. During the winters you can enjoy a beer or any drink of your choice in the bar over there as well.

Cafes and dinners:

Czech Republic, especially its cities such as Prague is filled with several hundreds of places where you can have dinner and enjoy a meal with a person you really care about. Café Louvre is definitely one of the best places where you would want to take a Czech girl out for dinner or lunch. It is an elegant and spacious restaurant which serves some of the best French cuisines along with a rich history as it has hosted many personalities such as Kafka and Einstein. Café Milena is also an amazing restaurant which was named after one of Kafka’s lovers and is located in Old Town Square right over an ancient building. Who would not love to have an intimate chat with a girl they found in Prague at such a dreamy location? The list does not end here! You can also visit Café Grand Slavia which has been an ancient point for the visit of several artists, whether painters, sketchers or musicians of all sorts. It is one of the historic cafes of Europe which has been visited by several intellectuals in the past and will most probably host them in the future as well due to its prestige.

Coup De Grace: The women

There is no question that Czech Republic has mesmerized the entire world with their beauty, but there’s a lot more in them as a person which makes them unique. Czech women are no ordinary western women that can be chattered up. You have to work hard for Czech women, contributing to the struggle they have faced in two world wars and under communism. They do not like bold men, which is why you have to be subtle and perhaps hard to get, so that she can do more work on knowing the true you. Similarly, you can’t pick up girls in the Czech Republic by sharing a few drinks, as Czech women know how to hold their liquor and their senses which isn’t very common in the west. Try making things nice for her and comfortable and go that extra step to impress her over how much you are willing to do for her, and certainly a ‘pickup’ will be guaranteed.