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34 Years
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Korea (South)
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Travelmate, Friends, Soulmate, Travel Information
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Catalan, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
162 cm (5' 3")
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About me

Hello! I moved to South Korea.I am originally from California :) I love traveling and learning new languages. I have travelled all over Europe, South America, Latin America, North America and parts of Asia. :)
Occupation: Linguist, Baker, Artist, and EFL Teacher.
Speaks: Spanish, English, Italian, Russian, Catalan, and Japanese.
Learning: Korean
Boredoms/Hates: Math. Organizing. Drama. Dolphins (I'd punch them in the face)
Interests: Korean Candy, Hunger Games, anything Batman related, Snow White, Puppies.

I am good at languages I can speak 4 fluently and studied Linguistics because of my passion for languages. I also am great at painting and drawing (Art is another passion of mine). I am also very good at telling directions (where I am) I memorize ways to get back to places by buildings not street names :) and lurking reddit.

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