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What can be more fun and interesting than travel? And if you make it with the rigth person it is just the best thing n the world.
I am in college rigth now, I study something that mean a lot of efford and comminment, but I love it! I like to try new things and experiences and I am not afraid to start a new adventure always! I like to read A LOT! I like to enjoy movies, travels, I like to learn!I love languages, and maybe i will study things when Im 90 years haha....Love to meet people and cultures, every person its a world ready to be explored
What I like to do when I travel? I like to relax and forget about the world, but I also like the adventure, like I already said: discover places, people, food, music (I love music!!! I don’t like to be closed at this point; I think that is a kind of music for every mood and situation…so I like all kind of music!...Jazz, blues, rock, reggae, bossa, hip hop, latin and african music and a lot of etc). So I would say that the thing I like to do depends (too) on who I’m travelling with.

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