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I'm into grace, art, history, music (making and listening), literature, movies/films, ocelots, kissing, eating, laughing (with some occasional giggling thrown in), cooking, my ipod (but not cooking my ipod), doctor who, twin peaks, spending time with my family, hockey, flowers, old friends, coffee and tea, basketball, flip flops, live music, cold weather, sushi, swimming, joseph campbell, my nephews gabe and dax, my nieces bijou, amienne, alice, and kayleigh, holding hands, c.s. lewis, new friends, sincerity, being silly, road trips, plane trips, train trips, trips across town, and trips to see you. I write and teach and craft and learn and create, and love doing so. I like learning about cultures other than my own. I like to cook; I just don't do it enough. I read a lot. I'm a pushover for stories and words and meaning. I love my friends, and would gladly jump in front of oncoming spiders or scorpions to protect them (I really hate spiders and scorpions). I love music, and while I have a good amount of natural ability on that front in terms of singing (thanks mom and dad), I'm currently humbled by the realization that I've not been able to become a guitar virtuoso overnight (but I'll keep at it, thank you very much). Singing's my thing, though I'm hoping to take up the mandolin in the near future.I think too much. I love truly knowing and being known. I get bored if things are too easy. I'm passionate. My family is incredibly important to me, both the one into which I was born and the members I've selected all on my own. I am proud to be a part of a large and loving French-Canadian and Italian family. Though I live in Florida, I do get back up north to visit my relatives as often as possible. I have around sixty first cousins (it's not's the truth), and I see them as much as I can. I am currently trying to re-learn French.I think it's really important to tell people that you love them when you mean it. People don't say it enough, at least not sincerely. I have really high standards for myself and for others, and a lot of times this gets me into trouble. But a girl's got to have standards, right?

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