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Hi! I do big abstract paintings, I love writing poems and texts and read others. I love to analize everything and stretch my mental, psycological world. I started to study to become a nurse last year and now I have frozen the studys for 6month since I'm restless and longing for a thousand other things in life right now, stupid or not it's what I had to do since it didn't feel totally right and then I can't put all my focus in to it. But I do know that I wan't to become a midwife/nurse, I'm just not sure in wich order I want to do things in life. I love kids and have been working as an aupair in London for 1,5 years and it was just lovely, little Shamia was only 9month old, such a lovely baby. I'm just very borde right now, traveled all summer and winter with my ex boyfriend but I didn't like the feeling I had about it, I felt owned, so after our last trip to miami and key west I just had to be honest to both myself and him so we broke up we were too different in all ways. I like a good red wine and tapas so that we can eat and talk for a long time and tast everything together. And as I bigg chockā€¦ I love shopping, of cours. But not in any store, I like shopping to be nice and not crowded and stressfull, so brand boutics is to prefer. I have always have had boyfriend who also love to travel so I been to all capital sitys in europe and of cours smaler citys too in spain france and germany and schweitz, except in italy. I have been to a few places in India and miami, key west and fort lauderdale. Also been to Tunis. I love snorkeling and lie by the pool reading and get a nice tan, or talking and laugh with you.

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