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I'm bertha new on here, I am a tall, kind, happy, tactile girl, very comfortable in my own skin and confident that I have lots to offer. I have high energy, a sense of adventure, and am filled with wonder at beauty of this world. I yearn to explore far more than I have done to date. I am creative and like to write, paint and ponder. I find the humor of real life situations far funnier than jokes, which are usually completely lost on me. My good health and fitness are very important to me but not so much that I am unable to relax. I love the simple things in life ... laughing, picnics, autumn colours, waterfalls, a windy beach, sunsets, rainbows, open fires, beautiful views, cycling on a sunny day, walking in the snow, films and books that inspire me, music that moves me, hot baths on a cold day, cool showers on a hot day, swimming in wild water and feeling the touch of someone on your skin and in your soul. I believe that a good relationship goes beneath the surface and stimulates each person physically, intellectually and emotionally. I am open, honest, passionate and a hopeful romantic. Am never going to give up believing that the man just perfect for me is soon going to find me ... well until I am in his arms of course

I would so like to meet a cool man, fit, honest, funny guy who will not only enjoy our commonality but also treasure our difference. He will have hobbies of his own and appreciate the grace in his own space, but prioritise time for togetherness, tenderness, tacitness and thankfulness. Throw in some adventurousness, playfulness and positiveness and we should find plenteous pleasurableness together. Bye

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